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  1. Eijie electric power fender mirrors

    Almost positive they are flat but I will have to check
  2. Eijie electric power fender mirrors

    Price drop 250.00shipped to the lower 48
  3. Eijie electric power fender mirrors

    Thanks! Pic doesn't seem to show for me.
  4. Eijie electric power fender mirrors

    Bump for a price drop
  5. Eijie electric power fender mirrors

    Price drop
  6. Eijie electric power fender mirrors

    Mirrors have never been installed on a vehicle or had a wrench put on them, only taken out of box to look at and pics
  7. For sale is a set of new Eijie electric power fender mirrors in the original box. These are super rare and impossible to find new and in original box. Everything is there to have fully functional power adjustable fender mirrors with instructions (although instructions are in Japanese). I have only seen these on a few toyota corollas and one Z31, I thought they would look cool on my 260z but I'm going a different direction now. In pictures below there a couple pics with a tape measure to give you an idea of the size of these mirrors. If you have any questions please ask. Price is $300.00 dollars shipped to the lower 48 states. Thanks for looking Curtis
  8. Test

    This is just a test. If this would have been an actual emergency we would all be screwed
  9. Import Duties On Ebay Wheels

    These look like Atara racing wheels, many people on this site run these wheels
  10. Fender Mirror Options?

    What about these, though they are made for the corolla? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BULLET-MIRROR-FENDER-HAND-MADE-FOR-RETRO-CAR-TOYOTA-CELICA-COROLLA-CORONA-BLACK-/222334979066?hash=item33c4328bfa:g:CKkAAOSwo4pYUBRo&vxp=mtr

    Picked mine today, 12 bucks
  12. New Rocketbunny s30 render

    Looks like aritaspeed works fender flares without the g-nose to me
  13. New S30 D Brinkworth flare kit (New Installed Pics)

    They are no longer listed on their website
  14. Who was making headlight covers?