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  1. Now I see, I was wondering why those rectangle tubes where hanging out there, I like your camber adjustment on the cross member.
  2. Donation not showing up.

    Same here, donated before the thread on possibly shutting down Hybridz. Thanks
  3. My recent 280z 2+2

    Welcome, it's too bad the 2+2s have never received much love, they can look pretty awesome when lowered and with the right wheels. The history of being a drug mule is great, looking forward to your progress.
  4. Heat soaked

    Dom, you may only have a couple of guys actually posting to your thread but you have dozens of others watching and ready to jump in if it looks like we can help, at the moment you are getting good advice but we are all here to help. Glad you stuck around.
  5. Xenon air dam angled upwards?

    I think ROTA calls it bronze, 16x8, 0 offset, Grids
  6. Beautiful condition, you have a very straight car and as you say, perfect time fix the few things that need doing. The only thing I can see that looks modified is the cut out for the muffler tip, looks a little larger than stock. What are your plans, will you take it back to the original blue?
  7. Xenon air dam angled upwards?

    Yeah mine points up too and although that bothers me the worst part is the urethane is so flexible that when you get up to speed the center of the air dam distorts and pushes back in.I made a splitter lip for it but its real purpose is to keep the air dam from bending in the wind.
  8. I have a set of g-Force Rivals so just went to check them, all good so far. I'll be at the track tomorrow so will check them again half way through the day, thanks.
  9. Alignment numbers

    74_5.0L_Z, thank you for your help, just checked and the top of the strut is definitely behind the ball joint so I have some pos caster. I know not to go back to that alignment shop, can't do simple arithmetic or tell positive from negative.
  10. Alignment numbers

    My worst caster setting is neg -2.9* and I have to make that at least pos 4.0* Can anyone tell me what 7 degrees of movement translates into in inches?
  11. Alignment numbers

    All 4 T/C bushings are new rubber, I wasn't sitting in the car when the alignment numbers were recorded so that might work out well for me. If the car isn't sitting perfectly level is the only option corner weights?
  12. Great stuff, good write up. I did this last winter and am very pleased with how well it integrates into the Z. Bruno's control unit has this weird little 2 second delay before it kicks in but I never need more than an 1/8th of a turn of the knob for lots of assist. I like how you managed to use so much of the Saturns steering shaft, I couldn't get that stuff out of my donor car.
  13. Alignment numbers

    Okay, I've been starring at the numbers that the young guy at the alignment shop wrote down and he has made some mistakes in his arithmetic when showing the difference between sides and ALL of his numbers are negative, no positive numbers, I went back up to the shop and confirmed with him, so these are the real numbers, Front L R Difference Caster - 1.8* - 2.9* - 1.1* Camber - 0.8* - 1.0* - 0.2* Toe 0.0 0.0 0.0 Rear L R Difference Camber - 1.0* - 1.1* - 0.1* Toe - 0.40* - 0.69* - 0.29* So as I understand it the front caster is weird, wrong and I'm not sure what to do about it. I need a smidge of camber on the left front and I would be okay for a street car, same for the rear camber and the rear toe should be equaled out. Does this look like I'm interpreting this properly? Thanks, Chris
  14. Megasquirt grounding

    This is your bible, http://www.megamanual.com/mtabcon.htm Can you post links to where it recommends not to ground to the same spot? My rule of thumb was if a wire has anything to do with MS then ground it to the same spot, the system is running perfectly.
  15. New topstage z kit

    Ah, makes sense now, I will try to phone him.