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  1. grannyknot

    How to remove black oil spot from the seat!!??

    I have a can of Brakekleen and the old seat covers I just replaced so maybe I'll rub some grease into them and then try to get it out, I'll post some pics. Brakekleen smells exactly like the old dry cleaning fluid they used before it was banned.
  2. grannyknot

    How to remove black oil spot from the seat!!??

    Is this your opinion or do you have experience with Brakekleen ruining a seat cover or foam?
  3. grannyknot

    Where this tube belongs?

    What car are you working on, what year?
  4. grannyknot

    RyanT67's 240Z

    Looks like you got the paint issues fixed.
  5. grannyknot

    Hood Designs

    I would like to see this on my hood, can you arrange it?
  6. grannyknot

    2jzge swap in progress

    That's a great idea.
  7. grannyknot

    2jzge swap in progress

    Keep your chin up, this is exactly where so many projects fail, on this forum alone there are hundreds guys who have been right where you are now. There are lots of project threads in the archives if you need a little inspiration, Mig welding is not that hard to learn but I would suggest you get a tank of Argon/Co2 and not go the fluxcore wire route. Think of the character building, good stories to tell at your first car show.
  8. grannyknot

    BMW swap rocker cover

    I love having BMW staring at me. 😉
  9. grannyknot

    280SR-Z from Germany

    With that engine mounted behind the front shock towers, technically you will have a mid-engine car!
  10. grannyknot

    Barking Problem

    Your first post on this modified Z forum is about dog behavior? Wouldn't a dog forum be of more use?
  11. grannyknot

    E31 head price check

    I don't think they will go for too much but I'll take them off your hands for $50 a piece Really I don't know what they are fetching these days but I wouldn't let them go for less than $400 a piece and that is probably still low. But think about my offer
  12. grannyknot

    Rear Hatch Sill Replace it or wait it out.

    Don't buy a HF welder, you will regret it, they are garbage. Learning to Mig is pretty easy on a good machine. If you can find a used Miller or Lincoln that would be ideal and after the car is repaired if you find you are not using it you will get every cent back when you sell it on Craigs. This is the part you need, https://tabcoparts.com/1234-42395.html Drill out the spot welds, clean up the rust underneath, weld in your new sill. Oh, just re read your first post, so you already have the sill, get a spot weld drill and you're ready to go. I can send you some detailed pics of the procedure if you are interested.
  13. grannyknot

    List of S30 mods

    Not sure I remember, I think the replacement strip had extra length compared to the original.
  14. grannyknot

    List of S30 mods

    Where to start? There is so many possibilities, I'm sure I can come up with a few for you but I'll start with this one, this is a mod I wish the factory would have done, there would have been a lot less rust in the rear of the Z's'. I just welded a 4" lip to the rain gutter on both sides, now instead of water pooling on the back deck lid it runs right off.
  15. grannyknot

    Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    @AlbatrossCafe, is that the Amsoil EaAU air filter we were talking about? Very interested to hear what you have to say about it.