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  1. Oil Filter Pressure Relief Valve Plugged?

    The relief valve is definitely needed, unfiltered oil is better than no oil at all.
  2. Is that heating duct sheet metal
  3. 300 ZX Turbo CV shaft disassembly and reassembly

    Sounds like you are going to have open it back up check your work.
  4. Build it, strip it, dip it, reassemble. Exactly what I just did to my Z, About a year and a half of actual work, I don't think I would want to put in all of the work that a swap takes without knowing that the car was solid and all of the rust had been addressed. 800hp, holy shite! Really plan out your structural additions, if you hook up good with that kind of power you could put a permanent twist in that old tin can .
  5. Trying to make a 280z daily drivable.

    An 8 ball or cue ball was popular when I was growing up, maybe a golf ball is more appropriate these days I'll bet there is a market for that idea.
  6. Could also be that the motor is fine and the wiper arm linkage has corroded up and is presenting too much load for the motor. While you have the motor out try moving the linkage by hand.
  7. BMW inline 6 cylinders.

    Maybe you will be the first guy to try it.
  8. 4.0L, 4 cyl. = 1500 hp

    I don't happen to have $140,000 kicking around at the moment but here is a swap worth dreaming about, https://www.engineswapdepot.com/?p=18648
  9. My recent barn find/ new member intro

    Whoa, bit of a lean on that barn! We all know a 240z is worth risking your life for, looking forward to watching the build.

    How is that possible? Camber adjustment at the top of the strut and at the bottom on the LCA will only give 1-2 degrees of adjustment?

    AHEM! Canadian supplier There's these guys, http://www.piercemanifolds.com/category_s/33.htm or these guys, https://www.racetep.com/automaker/datsun-z/z-car-triple-sidedraft-weber-carb-and-fuel-injection-conversions.html Any filter that fits a Weber should also fit a SK/OER
  12. First Z!

    There must be $5,000 there in parts, his price is not unreasonable. That would be a great project.
  13. 280z 302 sbf swap

    Sounds like a plan, I did a similar swap into a 74 TR6 and it was a blast, the 2001 engine will be fairly light. There is lots of bad press about the WC T5 but I never had any problems with it. Good luck.
  14. That car is very salvageable and a steal at $1000, even if you don't do the work yourself, buy it. There is nothing in your photos that isn't fixable, if you have welded before you'll be fine.

    Or you could just go with adjustable lower control arms and leave your strut towers stock.