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  1. Got any "Before & After" data to support viability?
  2. psdenno

    Just Vinyl Wrapped my 240z... Here are my thoughts

    Wow! Very nice. Quite a change from the "Before" pictures. Dennis
  3. psdenno

    what is this

    An early Series 1 Flux Capacitor.
  4. I don't think you'll have any problems. I've stripped an entire fiberglass car with aircraft grade stripper. Strip[ them and then hose them off with clean water,
  5. Looks like you'll be doing a little rewiring or plug swapping. Did you send a copy of the picture to Futofab for their input? Dennis
  6. psdenno

    California regulations

    That works until you get in an accident or the car is stolen and your insurance company wonders why your car is insured in a state where you don't live and you've probably been paying lower rates than if it was registered in CA. Many hoops to jump through to be successfully devious. Dennis
  7. psdenno

    California regulations

    Here you go. You'll need a SMOG certification on a '78 which will be a slight problem with the LS. Welcome to California! https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/brochures/howto/htvr9 Dennis
  8. psdenno

    I got Robbed...

    Consider Blink security cameras - wireless, motion activated, indoor/outdoor (if protected from rain), cell phone notification when activated, and they send what they see to the Cloud so even if they are stolen, the recordings are available. I bought a set after a break-in a few months ago. I also added a very loud alarm system. Sucks that we have to fortify our homes. Dennis
  9. psdenno

    Thoughts on in Infiniti G37/G35

    I've had a G37 convertible for six years and love it. The 325 HP engine and the throaty exhaust note make it a fun ride. My experience at the local dealership has been top notch. Gas mileage isn't the best, but this is a car that begs you press hard on the "go" pedal. Dennis
  10. Try this: http://www.jrdemers.com/280ZX/tankvents/tankvents.html Dennis
  11. psdenno

    240z Aftermarket AC Kits vs OEM

    I have the MSA kit in my '71 and it works quite nicely. It's listed at $1,149. Availability comes and goes. Dennis
  12. psdenno

    Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    You mention looking for a "new overfill" tank. That's a vapor recovery tank, not a fuel holding tank. What's broken on it? Dennis
  13. The yellow lenses do add a "look at me" factor to the Z. But, if they cut brightness at night, you're probably better off with the clear.
  14. Nice look and function. My SUs from ZTherapy have shipped and will arrive on Tuesday. They'll be the only clean and shiney parts under the hood. Should be an improvement over the 44 year old originals. Dennis
  15. psdenno

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    OK, thanks for clarification. Makes sense to sell it as a complete unit if you can. The search continues.