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  1. Planning on parting it, but the intake is the one thing I will be keeping.
  2. SOLD- Found buyer for the complete car I lucked upon an 82' Maxima diesel wagon. Was going to see if I can it running, but was able to get my dream ride so I can't put money into this now, but will later. However, selling the LD28 and related parts. Engine had 159,00 miles with religious oil changes. Engine is currently whole in case someone wants the whole shebang. Prices are for each part. If you buy multiple parts I will discount it accordingly. Crankshaft - $1250 LD28 Block & rods - $350 Large sump Oil Pan - $200 If you want the complete motor- $2000 L3N71B Auto Trans (rebuilt under 10,000 miles ago, trans fluid looked like new) - $250 Torque Converter - $50 Diesel parts (injectors, injection pump, etc)- just let me know. Will consider trades that include a 5 speed manual, 280zx rear LCA's (with discs), S13, S14 or S30 project cars, classic JDM 9-10" wide wheels. Prices do not include shipping. Located in Southern Utah (Cedar City), can possible meet people in Vegas or Northern Utah.
  3. No longer selling as a complete vehicle. Engine has been removed and to be parted. Thanks
  4. Was it the pumpkin orange 4dr? If so I considered buying that one a couple years ago from a guy in SoCal, but it just had too many ripples in the sheet metal. Anyway, here's a quick photo I took of the rack/crossmember. It's not seized, just in need of a thorough cleanup.
  5. Cool, another 610 fan. I have a 280zx manual rack & crossmember. The rack has been 'boot free' for an unknown time so you'll probably want to clean it thoroughly & freshen up. Can ship it from Utah if you're interested.
  6. xlr8r

    Looking for a W53 head

    I have a W53 (open chamber) head that I can ship to you from Utah if interested.
  7. xlr8r

    1981 Datsun 280zx L28ET Swap 5spd - $2500

    Bumping up the S130 L28ET!
  8. xlr8r

    fj20 zed

    Where to the cranks commonly crack? I'm going to buying an FJ next week & I guess I better inspect the crank before I rev the snot out of it.
  9. xlr8r

    1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    I haven't responded since I don't want to keep bumping the thread of a sold item. Basically I had a lot of offers in the $7-8K range & didn't want to play favorites by selecting one (4 offers were right at $8K) so I put it on ebay so whoever wanted it the most would ultimately win the car. I was expecting to get at least $8K from the auction so I was a bit disappointed with the result (something I had no control over killed the momentum of the auction about 3 days in), but the buyer is a good guy and a huge Datsun fan that will enjoy the car. For those with questions regarding the swap, I'm still happy to provide what information I can.
  10. xlr8r

    1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    Well I resorted to putting on ebay with NO RESERVE to let all interested parties hash it out there, someone is going to get the beast. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1972-Datsun-510-2dr-with-VQ35DE-swap-350z-corolla-rx3_W0QQitemZ300366293088QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Cars_Trucks?hash=item45ef39e860
  11. xlr8r

    1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    Add another $1000 to your offer & you may just get it.