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  1. winstonusmc

    Leveling Out an RB25 Engine Before Fabbing Mounts

    Yes. 10 degree lean toward the driver side (left) and 2.5 degree down to the rear. Do measure your pinion angle and match it.
  2. winstonusmc

    Leveling Out an RB25 Engine Before Fabbing Mounts

    The side angle should be about 10 degrees toward the exhaust side. I lined up the L28 and the RB side by side they have about the same lean angle, just opposite directions. I would assume it's to give more room for the intake as the exhaust doesn't need as much room. My engine is about 2.5 degrees down. I found that there wasn't enough room in the tunnel to get it level, not without lowering the engine way down in the bay. The rear diff has an upward angle to match that, dont know the exact angle as mine isn't the factory diff, it's a short nose R200.
  3. winstonusmc

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    My trans is from an R33 RB25DE (FS5W71C). I know what it came out of because I pulled it from that car myself. It has a "71c" and a Kangaroo cast into the bellhousing. It is a similar trans to the 240sx but it's about an inch shorter. It's the smaller trans, not the big version that's in the RB25DET (FS5R30A). I can't tell from your pic if the shifter is towards the firewall or not.
  4. winstonusmc

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    I am running the 71C transmission and my shifter is in the middle of the hole. With the R32 mounts, the shifter was in the front of the hole, which is really why I wanted to move the engine back. That and I wanted power steering, the electric fans were too close to the pullies.
  5. winstonusmc

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    My engine mounts are also custom fabricated to sit the engine about as far back as McKinney mounts. I have compared them side by side. My drivers side mount is a modified R32 mount to clear the head drain. The passenger side mount is fabricated though, it's centered above the mount on the crossmember.
  6. winstonusmc

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    I decided to make all of mine from scratch. Be careful if the pinion angle. Mine was way off using the factory rear mount with R32 mounts. I found the stock 240z has a weird high pinion angle, or at least mine did, something like 3 degrees up. So I had to make my trans mount lower.
  7. winstonusmc

    A digital dash in a gauge sized package

    Megasquirt version 2 and 3.
  8. winstonusmc

    A digital dash in a gauge sized package

    Does this work over CAN? Would it interfere with my other 11-bit CAN devices?
  9. That's not right. It shouldn't come out like that.
  10. I might look into this. I read your other thread and am not squeamish on this type of work. I currently have BC coilovers and a power steering conversion up front, so the tie rods and lower coilover tube will have to be figured out. I do like the idea of cheap front brake upgrade to go with my Z32 setup in the rear. This will be on the back burner right now, have to finish the rear and the unexpected engine swap soon.
  11. I am selling most of my rear setup. R180 Axles (replace u-joints about a year ago, regreased the inside): $60 R180 Mustache Bar (powder coated, poly bushes) $40 Sold Rear axle Housings w/ BC threaded tubes installed: $100 I also have the R180 diff, but its noisy, make an offer. Axles
  12. winstonusmc

    Sold: Rear Disc Setup S30

    Sold! Complete Setup: $300 I am selling my second rear disc setup. The rotors are Z31 290mm. The Calipers are the larger '87 FWD Maxima Rear Calipers. The brackets are from California Datsun. The Brake hoses are 240sx, but I am sure others would work if you want braided steel. The pads have plenty of life left in them. The balance seemed good with my S12W calipers in the front and the e-brake worked well. This is all you need for the swap. This is in great working order. I upgraded again to a Z32 setup.
  13. so, the willwood kit centers on the back of the hub? Any hubs do hub centric on the wheels?
  14. I am about to install the T3 rear end conversion, which will give me hub centric on the rear. I have been fighting a vibration problem in the front with the disc spacers for my Toyota calipers. Is there a hub option that allows a modern hub centric style hub to be used that centers the rotor and wheel hub?
  15. I am just ordering the T3 axles and building them myself. It saves me shipping one way and about $30 on the price.