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  1. I tried this on my 78 and it didn't work for me. seemed to run rich, backfired through exhaust. needless to say I took it off after one test drive.
  2. sicripp83

    Spring Carlisle 2016

    hey everyone im looking forward to the spring Carlisle swap meet, woundering if anyone from here attends, not a whole lot of Z stuff their, but always a good time. I went to Import Carlisle this past year and was disappointed. If anyone is going from here ill be looking for a good 77-78 drivers door. if you have one to sell let me know
  3. sicripp83

    240z L28ET motor swap.. where to buy?

  4. sicripp83

    CRAracer 76' 280z project

    your progress looks great. im getting ready to tackle similar repairs. i just completed fixing all rot under my cowl. had to fabricate all new sheet metal. where did you get all your replacement sheet metal i.e. rockers, front fenders??
  5. thank you again. iv been doing more reading found more options that I didn't know were out thier
  6. thanks seattlejester I think im going to lean towards TTT I just don't want junk, as far as suspensions go im illiterate
  7. iv been doing some searching of coilover kits I found megan racing MR-CDK-280z they look just like the BC setup and the description is very similar. I see that their are manufactures that are doing similar conversions as BC
  8. I didn't know t3 would send me a complete suspension in return for my cores. that's interesting! I plan on keeping this car and molding it to my tastes for years and someday give it to my son. I want to do the suspension once! its too much money to do it twice. so as far as quality, something that will last 20- 25,000 miles maybe more before a shock rebuild. that's if I can rebuild them at all! I guess what im trying to say is that I want the best bang for my buck. for spirited driving, some drag strip, autox, and track day events. ill check that BC thread again, I haven't followed up in about a month, maybe some more feed back has been added. thanks again
  9. hey guys, Iv been reading for days about suspension's for the s30 chassis. since coilover is the way to go, im torn between a t3 set up and the BC setup. the BC kit seem easier to install vs. the t3 having to section the struts. im just looking for some more feed back from people who have used the BC's on their s30. searching hasn't gotten me very far. any other input from suspension guru's on the quality of BC's would also be great. thank you
  10. 1 tuff z I think iv seen your car at Watkins glen. my buddy dose track events their every year. my wife did one this past year in her mustang. my car wasn't ready, cant wait maybe this year!! fresh pavement this year
  11. hey andy just starting following your posts, car looks great! great work im from the Utica area where abouts are you
  12. sicripp83

    Mill supply inc. body panels?

    huh no shit. well thanks guys
  13. hey guys Has any one used replacement body panels from Mill supply inc. www.rustrepair.com Im looking into some body work this winter and woundering if any one has sourced body panels from them, and your experience with them. thanks guys
  14. sicripp83

    is water injection necessary?

    that makes sence. to be honest, iv heard it mentioned here on HybridZ more than any mustang web site I used to browse back when I was into fox bodies. so I had to find out what it was all about. thanks going to do more google searches and see what else I can find.