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  1. chris556452

    Wanted 4bbl manifold

    I'm looking for a 4bbl manifold for an L28, and possibly a whole setup if anyone has got one up for grabs. I get email to my phone so I'll respond quick. Let me know what you've got Thanks, Chris [email protected]
  2. Is there a "today's posts" button anymore?

  3. chris556452

    Plum crazy purple z

    http://montana.craigslist.org/cto/1588019330.html Is this the same body kit as the purple car posted above?
  4. chris556452

    Science related fun facts related to common stuff

    I've got a question but dont know the answer... If you had a space ship that could travel at the speed of light, and you turned it down just a notch then shined a flash light straight ahead, would you have a light saber?
  5. chris556452

    Mercedes diesel in 240z

    Is this owned by a user here? Anyone have any more info on it?
  6. chris556452

    Radical nose job

    Wow, that's probably the best looking z31 I've ever seen... Any more info on this car? Thanks, Chris
  7. chris556452

    Sell and start fresh, or keep modifying?

    I also think you should keep it... I've always been a huge fan of your car and your comment of turbos really has me interested. Besides, didn't you just land a great job? It seems like a whole new project would take as much time and devotion as work would, one of the two would obviously have to take a back seat... Just drive it and keep a smile on your face
  8. chris556452


    I know what ya mean, except we call it the vatozone here in San Antonio. It seems they only stock parts that are "chrome" plated and use double stick tape to install. Everything else is "special order". I stick to Advance and Napa...
  9. chris556452

    z33 diff upgrade question

    Ok, so I've got an 06 350z base model with an open diff. I'm thinking of getting a quaife atb unit, from what I've read they're the most durable and reliable units you can get. I called slowboy racing and they quoted me 1399.00 out the door including overnight shipping (not too bad compared to other places). Question is, should I get new carrier bearings and ring gear bolts or just try to re-use the ones I've got? I dont know if the bolts are torque to yield or not, and how easy/hard it would be to salvage the old bearings. Also, has anyone else done this install and have a few pointers/tips to give out? Any help would be great Thanks, Chris
  10. chris556452

    What to do?

    The Lexus is a beast man, I've honestly never been in a car so fast... If you do decide to get rid of it, make sure you give me a ride with the race gas first Oh, and pictures too please
  11. chris556452

    cam timing pic inside

    I used this link to install cams on my SR20, everything turned out fine... I think you'll be ok with yours, mine had some slack up top too. http://www.frsport.com/Installing-Tomei-Poncams-on-S13-SR20DET_t_35.html
  12. chris556452

    2010 Camaro brake weights?

    Anyone else see this yet? http://jalopnik.com/5222908/2010-chevy-camaro-gets-mysterious-brake-weights
  13. chris556452

    Adding a Restrictor plate on a EFI L6

    So is he driving yet? If so, what did you end up getting him? -Chris
  14. So I came across this video on youtube and was a little confused. From what I've been reading here, Ferrari uses flat plane cranks and not 180* headers right? Or maybe both? Anyways, towards the beginning of the video, theres a car with headers like the engine above, 180* and in the valley. Could this engine use both flat plane crank and 180* headers? It seems like it'd be a little overkill if not counter productive? Maybe I'm just a total newb? Explanation anyone? Car/engine in question is seen at about 20 secs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39uqfnW1wS8
  15. chris556452

    Anyone Live in Texas??

    Ha, Texas is great man... I moved from the Ft. Collins area back to central Texas and my Acura started spinning the tires again