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  1. Z32 LT1 conversion What Is It Worth????

    https://plus.google.com/photos/106669509854125640893/albums/5694546807757868881 Sorry try this link for the pictures.
  2. I have a 1993 Z32 with an LT1 conversion, factory nissan 5 speed. Motor and underhood looks very nice but body needs paint. No major damage but black and has several small door dings. Interior is charcole and in very nice condition 7-8 out of 10. Runs very well but AC has not been reconnected. 17 inch Z33 wheels. Have put over 2k on it in the last few weeks. Anyhow I started this project a few years ago and have a few hundred hours in it. Just not feeling the car thing anymore, been a hobby for over 20 years. Problem is I have no idea where to start if I decide to sell it. Anybody have any input?? Pictures are located here https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos?tab=wq#photos/106669509854125640893/albums/5694546807757868881
  3. GEN3/4 Swap Kits Z32

    Just stumbled across this company. http://www.lojinnovations.com/index.htm This would have saved me a bunch of effort. Just thought I would share.
  4. 1994 Infinity Q45 VLSD differential

    I'm interested. Dad lives in Jupiter and can pick up locally. PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks Keith
  5. adapter plate

    For the LT1 or SBC to stock Z32 trans I made an adaptor plate that will go in my car. I have a buddy that owns a machine shop and has offered to take the measurements off my plate and produce them for me, for a reasonable fee of course. If I thought there was a market for them I might consider doing it. Unless you plan to do drag strip style starts the stock trans will more than strong enough for a 400hp SBC.
  6. I have spend quite a bit of time searching for an option to give me a higher gear ratio, or lower numerically. Yes there is alot of talk about what might work or may work but nothing really definitive. The 3.54 out of a Q45 would be fine but can not find a thread that tells exactly what is needed to get the job done. Don't really want to go with a TT set up as the gear is lower. Want to know if someone knows what it takes, start to finish. I really don't want to start ordering parts to find out that something is not compatable. 1. Is there a bolt in option? 2. If not can the ring and pinion from a Q45 R200 be swapped into a Z32 R200 case? Thanks
  7. 396ci in a Z?

    I put a 454 in a Porsche 928, mainly because everybody said it would not fit. If fit great and fit under a stock hood. There is an early aftermarket single plane intake that is very short already and then you can mill off over 1/2 in from the carb mount itself. The top of the air cleaner was almost level with the top of the valve covers. Not the best design to make torque but then there was plenty there already. Getting it under the hood should be fairly easy. I had to build a custom set of headers but nothing real hard. I did several track days in the car and loved it. My only complaint about the BB is that you can feel the weight of the rotating assembly, felt like the car had a 100 lb flywheel on it. Have driven the same car with a small block and the feel is very different. Still, coming out of turn 14 at CMP it would leave a set of strips in third gear, gotta love torque.
  8. adapter plate

    I built an adaptor plate for my LT1 to Z32 5 speed using a 3/4in aluminum plate. I have a small mill but cutting out the center was a PITA. Bought a late model flywheel out of a 95 Firebird I think, bought several months ago. Will use an earlier push type 10.5 in pressure plate which bolts up and pushes the pressure plate out far enough. A 2005 Xterra pressure plate has the correct input shaft size and is bigger than the stock Z32 disc. Have not bought that yet. My motor is in the car with custom mounts, pushed the trans back about 4-5 inches. Sorry for the lack of exact measurements but I have not worked on the project in 2 months due to other obligations. The stock Z32 trans may not take a beating but they are cheap around here and I know the turbo trans is good for 600 hp. Spoke to a local Nissan tech that said he has seen the turbo trans handle more than that. Have the accessories mounted for fitment only, they will get some love before install. They are out of a 95 Capric and will work without mod. Only real custom work is the mounts, oil pan, and had to modify the drivers side header but passenger side fit perfect.