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  1. 280z 302 sbf swap

    An R200 will last you a long time. Seems that's not the weak link, it's the IRS universal joints (ask me how I know...) and then the outer stub axles can snap, but that takes some sticky tires, and hard launches. A street driven 302 should be fine with an R200 and CV axles.
  2. 280z 302 sbf swap

    This was my only concern, but if internet sources are to be trusted then I guess you're ok:
  3. LS376/480 4L70E HELP!!!

    You may also want to get this moved over to the Gen III boards. You won't much attention over here in Ford land.
  4. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Well after 10 yrs, I guess I ought to at least pitch in to be a donating member..... thanks for the work keeping HybridZ online!
  5. 460ZGT Project Build

    Whew, so I just finished updating ALL of my photo links....what a waste of time THAT is. I used https://postimages.org/ which has a very simple interface, and seems to have been around since 2004. No popups, nobody trying to sell anything. Just storing pictures. Easy Peasy.
  6. Photobucket Failure

    I'm giving this site a try. They've been around for a while now and aren't covered in ads. Granted, I'm not sure what their revenue source is, but if it's been working since 2004 for them, I guess their "Rich Uncle" fund hasn't dried up yet. https://postimages.org/about
  7. DSC09188

    From the album 1978 460z

  8. 1978 460z

  9. DSC09182

    From the album 1978 460z

  10. DSC09180

    From the album 1978 460z

  11. DSC09165

    From the album 1978 460z

  12. DSC09164

    From the album 1978 460z

  13. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I actually gave this one a little thought myself. The reason most companies do not use gaskets anymore is that they are trying to provide additional stiffness and rigidity to the differential housing by having a stiff cover, which would also require a solidly bolted connection. When you have paper, rubber or cork gaskets, there is a layer that is very elastic; this will allow the two metal surfaces (cover and housing) to move relative to each other, even if only a tiny bit. The idea of using RTV is to fill in surface imperfections / leak points between the two metal faces, so that 95% of the surface is metal to metal. I think the best bet, design wise would be to use RTV between both sets of sealing surfaces here, and ensure you use the same grade hardware and torque as original. Too often people substitute 'stronger' bolts but then you risk doing one of two things: 1, you follow the original torque values, so you get the correct clamping pressure, but you don't get the correct stretch on your hardware and they may loosen up over time. 2, you follow the torque for new new hardware and you risk stripping out the case, or distort it creating additional leak issues.
  14. Photobucket Failure

    The only thing I can guess is the company was about to go belly up, so someone got the bright idea to try for a 'fund raiser' / last hurrah before they shut their doors. Otherwise, yeah, it's a ludicrous plan. Social suicide. How do you use Google Drive for 3rd party hosting? I tried to figure it out but failed. I have unlimited storage space on google drive, so that would be AWESOME if there was a way to link those pictures.
  15. Photobucket Failure

    Thankfully, I only really post to one site at a time, but I have build posts for my Mustang, the Z, my Willys , not to mention lots of past projects and my own website. HOWEVER, I didn't realize we can edit really old posts here! Some sites only allow editing posts for a limited amount of time before it gets 'locked' (for whatever reason). We'll see if I care/get bored enough to save all of those old pictures over here in an album and update my content on HybridZ.