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  1. Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks

    Got it. I see 'em now. Was a little dark down in them holes. Thanks for clearing that up!
  2. Twin cam head for the L6 from Derek at Datsunworks

    What's the plan to keep oil out of the spark plug area? Is there enough meat left over in the spark plug boss for a counterbore for tubes or something? On your plastic mock-up, it looks like you left enough material to counterbore for tubes, but after threading the real casting, it looks tight. Maybe you're planning to finish the OD of the boss and seal on the outside? Also, what type of plug are you planning to use? Taper seat or crush washer? I don't see the machined feature for sealing the plug to the head. Awesome project! I'll never be able to afford one, but kudos to you and those who can!
  3. 1978 280z Parts Car - Part Out

    Awesome. Thanks for the help! Prof TK
  4. 1978 280z Parts Car - Part Out

    Sent you PM.
  5. Datsun Z Fiberglass a Real Review

    No. Not if he told you three weeks and over twice that long you still didn't even have a shipping number.
  6. Control Arms And Strut Inserts For Sale

    --- Control arms F&R -------------------------------------------------- $35 local pickup for the set, $50 shipped east of the Mississippi, $55 shipped west. They're off a 77 280 so they're the later design. A little beat up by the previous owner who gouged up the inside the bushing holes a little getting the old bushings out. Would work fine if you take the time to file off the burrs inside the holes before you install bushings. Or perfect candidates for suspension modifications if you want to cut the outboard ends off and play around with some of the adjustability modification options I've seen floating around hybrid. --- 240-260 rear struts Monroe P/N 73593 - NOS new in box. ------------------------------------ $40 local pickup for both, $45 shipped east of the Mississippi, $50 shipped west.
  7. Spare Tires and Wheels and Parts

    Narrow steel wheel sold, Any interest in a NOS collapsible 77/78 spare? Never been mounted. Still smells new.
  8. Source for OEM wiring harness pins?

    There are several different connector styles used on the OEM harnesses, and the ones you've highlighted are from AMP (Now Tyco Electronics - TE). They are called AMP "Multiple Interlock Connectors (MIC)" and I don't think you're going to find them at Vintage. They are still available at a couple places but are certainly not popular anymore. Also note that there have been evolutionary changes to the product line over the years and you're looking for the oldest style called "Mark 1". There is MK2 and they have a different retention scheme and won't work (ask me how I know). Here's a pic of the male and female MIC MK1 contacts: I've found a few sources, but they carry min order quantities. Some not too bad, but I've been saving up other requirements before placing an order.
  9. Spare Tires and Wheels and Parts

    Trying to save a couple parts from the scrapyard. Located about 20 miles north of Philadelphia, PA ~~ 280 Collapsible Spare ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 77/78 Collapsible spare setup. Never been mounted ever. Looking for a NOS spare for that 77/78 restoration? $10 local pickup. Too heavy to ship: PM me or post here and let me know if prices are out of line.
  10. Steering wheel nut

    Yup. Figured as much. Hope everything else goes according to plan!
  11. Steering wheel nut

    Yes, I'm positive that I wasn't making it up about how I've got a spare one for ya if you want!
  12. Strut Inserts, Valve Cover, Steering Wheel, Center Consoles + MORE

    PM's responded to.
  13. Checking on a few 260z parts

    Sent you PM.
  14. Steering wheel nut

    M16 x 1.50 And I've got a spare one for ya if you want. PM me.
  15. Strut Inserts, Valve Cover, Steering Wheel, Center Consoles + MORE

    Mirrors are sold and PM's responded to. Thanks all for the interest.