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  1. Never Mind. Can someone delete that topic ? I am not sure if I can do that myself
  2. Post pics of your z's here!!

    My 75 280z
  3. WTB 280Z

    Hi guys I am looking for a clean 280z between 74-78 manual 5 speed, with AC - Texas is a ***** !! Of course no rust or no project, i want to be able to drive it daily. A Z with some mod is fine just a nice done and clean Z that has no mechanical issues :) I am looking in the DFW area ! Thanks
  4. 77 280Z Price Idea

    eheh thanks It seems that it just do little work on it such as wheels and little cosmetic. So it is probably some kind of quick sell ^^ But the car looks beautiful si it might worth the try if it mechanically good
  5. Hello guys I am new on the forum And I am sure you have seen this kind of post for a while ! I am trying to buy a Z - already have a 08 350Z. I saw one , it is listed at $5200, 5 speed manual, AC, 65k new wheels and beautiful paint and the body looks flawless. The guy is saying that is it in pretty good condition but I am waiting for more pics ! Would you think the price would be fair ? i have no real idea on the value of those Z ! Thanks