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  1. Finally figured how to upload it.
  2. Nevermind file size is to large
  3. nash542001

    T56 magnum shifter

    Thanks, I will have to measure to see if they will work. Not cheap indeed.
  4. nash542001

    T56 magnum shifter

    So where did you find one at?
  5. I would be glad to try out your kit. I have a 1974 260z that has stock replacement floor pans with bad dog frame rails installed. The transmission tunnel still has the cross member mounts, do I need to remove them, or did you want to see fitment with them. Planned on it, but have not done it yet. I have a 5.3 lm7 bolted to a t56 magnum trans, low mount alternator setup, and stock log type exhaust flipped and modified with band clamps for turbo piping. The oil pan is a f-body style 5.5" depth. Not sure if the 260z crossmember is the same as a 280z, but willing to give it a shot. It's production date is 12/73, if that helps. Anything else just ask.
  6. Does any body know the distance measured from the block to the first rib on the crank pulley for the serpentine belt? Trying to make sure the balancer is seated correctly and it looks to be too far out. I don't have the alternator bracket installed to check the alignment because it is are on order. This for a f-body accessory drive setup.
  7. nash542001

    74 260z lt1 350 t56 6 speed rust free car

    Beautiful car, I wish I had the space and extra cash for it. Good luck on the sale.
  8. nash542001

    Help confirming timing after installing head

    Did you try using a screwdriver through the timing gear to lever it up on the cam with the chain on the original link mark? From the picture on the timing marks the grove looks like it might be a little to far to the right, i.e. one tooth off. The "v" notch should just be off to the right with the edges of the notch and groove lining up or maybe over lapping just a little. It has been a while since I did mine, but that is the way I remember it and the manual's picture is the same way. Then again the could be slack and stretch from it being an old chain, but I would think the notch would go more to the left as the chain stretched because the time to change the positions (i.e. advance) the gear is when the notch is to the left of the oblong grove.
  9. nash542001

    Help confirming timing after installing head

    I checked the manual and the notch "v" should be on the right side of the oblong grove in the locating plate. The chain should have 42 links between the timing marks on the chain, but that can't be verified with out taking the cover off. You should not have to check that unless you dropped the chain. If the notch is off the left side of the oblong grove you will have to use higher number position on the cam gear.
  10. nash542001

    Help confirming timing after installing head

    The cam gear has 3 different positions with 3 different timing marks. I would use the mark that allowed the gear to be installed with the oblong grove on the locating plate just to the right of the "v" on the cam gear. The cam can be moved just as long as the timing marks line up on the gear and chain properly when installed. If you drop the chain or loose slack on the bottom/crank gear, your screwed and have to take the timing cover off to verify the bottom link/mark. This is from memory and should be verified by the manual before taking my word for it.
  11. nash542001

    T56 Magnum

    It should work with the shifter at the rear position and the engine as close as you can get it to the firewall. The T-56 magnum dimensions are given on SilverSportTransmissions website http://shiftsst.com/store/transmissions/t56-magnum. Then add the length of the bell housing (approx. 5.6") and compare it to the length of the original transmission (29" to shifter) minus the difference in how far back the two engines sit.
  12. nash542001

    Interior a/c removal

    You should not have to do anything with the ducting besides just taking the box that holds the evaporator coil apart and taking it out. The box should be put back empty. I just made a cover plate for the holes in the firewall and kept the heater for the winter.
  13. nash542001

    L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    Recieved mine Friday and it looks great, can't wait to install it. Thanks for making this intake!!!
  14. nash542001

    L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    Nash542001, Polished