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  1. Klutch SL1 16x8 wheels with tires

    Do you still have the wheels? I'll take you up on your offer of $800 shipped w/o the tires.
  2. Klutch SL1 16x8 wheels with tires

    I'll take them for $800. How do you want me to pay you?
  3. Klutch SL1 16x8 wheels with tires

    Would you consider $500 just for the wheels? I am not the least bit interested in the tires and they would only increase the cost of shipping.
  4. Anyone know of a running 3.35L LD28 (gas powered)?

    I don't know of any 3.35 Rebellos, but Les Collins racing offers a 3.4L L-motor. search for Green Hornet 240Z on youtube. That is a very fast car!
  5. Carbon Fiber Parts

    I just realized that the carbon fiber strut bar is just an aluminum bar rapped in CF, so that is out, but my question about CF hoods and hatches still stands. I searched for this topic, but didn't find anything, so if there is already a good thread, I would appreciate the link.
  6. Carbon Fiber Parts

    I need a new strut tower brace and I was going to get the Cusco bar from MSA (#23-4201C) but while I was on the MSA web site, I saw that they have a carbon fiber brace as well (#23-4238). My primary concern is the functionality of stiffening the chassis, but I would like to save weight if possible as well. The web site says that it is a functional piece, but would it be as stiff as the Cusco piece? I am also looking for a carbon fiber hood and rear hatch. I want to retain the stock glass and release button in the rear hatch, but I could install hood pins if need be for the hood. Does anyone know of a reputable company that has quality parts? Pete Sprenger 1972 240Z 3.2L Rebello with TWM fuel injection
  7. My SDS install

    That is awesome! I want to go for a ride!
  8. My SDS install

    Have you tried adding fuel above 4000?
  9. My SDS install

    Wow, that did not post the way I formatted it. Let me know if you can't make heads or tails of it and I will try again. Let me know if you want any of my other values. Keep in mind that my engine doesn't have a MAP sensor. I have to tune it with only RPM FUEL and THROTTLE POSITION, which s a pain!!!
  10. My SDS install

    Here is the timing curve I got from Rebello. It is conservative, not a set of race values. My guess is that your timing isn't advanced enough above 4000. Let me know. Also check to make sure your Fuel Cut setting is set for 6,000. RPM. DEGREES 500-1000. 10 1250. 12 1500. 15 1750. 18 2000. 22 2250. 24 2500. 25 2750-4500. 27 4750-5000. 28 5250-5500. 29 5750-9750. 30
  11. My SDS install

    I know some spark plug wire brands can cause interference with the SDS system. The brands are listed in the manual. I can look them up later today if you don't have the manual. I think it is more likely that your timing values are off. I'll post the values that Dave Rebello gave me later today. I have to go have brunch with the family right now.
  12. My SDS install

    Oh man! I'm excited to hear how it goes!
  13. My SDS install

    Wow! That is one good looking intake! I can't wait to see how thatching runs!
  14. My SDS install

    I missed that. I also agree. JB Weld on the inside of any engine isn't a great idea, but definitely not on a Datsun L engine. These things have so much vibration that it is guaranteed to vibrate loose eventually. The best solution would be to find someone who can weld aluminum to fill it in for you. It shouldn't cost much and will be a permanent fix.
  15. My SDS install

    JB Weld on the inside of the intake? Where do you see that?