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  1. Maxima LD28 (V07) Crankshaft for sale

    Hi Chris: Although I don't have an immediate need for this crank, I am willing to stock pile it for another engine I'm planning to build. My offer is $800.00. Larry
  2. OK, It isn't the exact one I'm looking for, but a good deal at $160. I'll take it. Give me a couple of days for some funds to arrive at Paypal. Please send your paypal address to [email protected] Thanks. Larry
  3. Hello: I'm interested in the head gasket. Could you provide the part number? Larry
  4. LD28 VO7 stroker crank

    I'll offer $800 on the crank.
  5. Nismo head gasket

    Looking for NISMO head gasket, p/n 11044 - E4623 Larry
  6. 240Z / 280ZX Parts

    Price on the cam oiler and cam towers (if they are type that feed the sprayer) ?? Larry
  7. 280z Exedy clutch kit, 225mm

    Hello Boog: I'll take the clutch if Newbie or anyone else doesn't. Larry
  8. more items found to sell

    Would you have the 240Z fresh air vent mechanism, DRIVER'S side? It mounts above the foot well, with a cable & knob.
  9. items for sale

    I'm interested in the water outlets. One each, polished, coated - $30.00 for both. Please send Paypal request to: [email protected]
  10. 240z-280z-280zx parts engine and interior

    I didn't get the e-mail either. Double weird! You can call me @n 954-805-3202 or send a # Thanks. Larry
  11. 240z-280z-280zx parts engine and interior

    Did not receive PM. Please e-mail me: [email protected]
  12. 240z-280z-280zx parts engine and interior

    I'm interested in air dam if you still have it. Please check packing and shipping cost to 33326. Larry
  13. 1982 280ZX N/A 5 speed.What you need??

    I could be interested in the cylinder head if it's a P90 SQUARE PORT (not P90A) Larry
  14. 280yz FRONT ONLY

    Hi Roger: I pulled the flywheel out of storage and decided to keep it for my 240Z restoration. So figure on a price without a trade. Let me know the shipping quote when you get a chance. Thanks. Larry
  15. 1994 Infinity Q45 VLSD differential

    SOLD. Please close.