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  1. gnosez

    Rally Suspension

    If I remember correctly John mentioned struts for the Beijing to Paris 240Z were from either a Camaro or a Corvair using 600lb springs (??). I too had many long distance conversations with him and now wish I had transcripts to rely on.
  2. gnosez

    Paul Newman's 280zx on Youtube

    Not too sure that that car ever ran with a BSR valve cover. Save for that it is a very nice resto.
  3. Single Point Jack Plates, Low Profile Jack, or 2X6 pine (4). My 240 oil pan sits lower than the crossmember and I can get a Harbor Freight $100 jack under the TC box and diff. I run 16/8/245 all around on a lowered car. I run RA1s on the race car since we can't run slicks in my Group which are 225/25/15(F & R) and and here's a picture at full droop (running with slicks during an HPDE - 225/45/15 -F & 275/35/15- R) Fixed measurement points (center of fender inner lip, rocker, TC rod box, crossmember, diff) would allow us to compare car to car.
  4. gnosez

    Stronger motor mounts

    Two radiators due to the fan hitting them? Maybe it's time to switch to an electric fan. Frees up some HP and space. I'd love to hear from other folks who race as to whether they see motor mount movement so drastic that the fan goes into the radiator under heavy braking.
  5. gnosez

    Stronger motor mounts

    My question as well. The idea that the OEM mounts were going bad after 6 months is hard to believe. The ones in the race car are 3 years old and are checked often. The ones in the street Z are even older and they're fine. How the mounts are at idle or at 3000 rpm aren't a concern, I'd like to know what it's like going up to 7000 rpm, down to 3000 and back to 7000 in a matter of seconds at WOT.
  6. I might even be able to drive into a slanted ramp parking garage. Oh right, the exhaust tone will still set off car alarms. It does however look like a solution to a real problem. The air tank is a bit of an issue however.
  7. I have had only good experiences with Carbotech pads and shoes. This winter I replaced the stock booster, MC and pedals with Wilwood pedals, MCs and new lines. Took the car out on Saturday and it operated flawlessly.
  8. We made a mistake in positioning the fuel cell and moving the battery to the back. The fire bottle and Accusump got mounted in the passenger foot well which made a good off-set. We tossed the stock pedal assembly, booster and MC (20+ lbs there gone) and have a fuel filter, expansion tank, oil filter and oil cooler hoses mounted on the right side of the engine along with a 3 lb alternator. I'm 5' 10" on a good day so the seat is up close to the steering wheel and the steering column and seat were moved closer to the tunnel then in a stock set-up. The hard part then becomes the process of counter balancing with Step 1 the most difficult - getting everything level. Measure, turn the coil-over, roll the car, record the weights, repeat, repeat, repeat....
  9. 1972 240Z vintage track car: L series engine w/triples ZX 5-spd R180 w/Quaife FG fenders, hood and hatch w/lexan, one piece valance, headlight covers, BSR airdam & spoiler qtr windows and door SS frame doors gutted 3-qt accusump 10 lb fire bottle 16 gal fuel cell w/dual Holley pumps, twin filters no rear sway bar BBS 15x7F 15x10R wheels with Hoosiers (225F/275R) driveshaft hoop dual exhaust with trumpets TTT RCAs Stock LCAs Z31 calipers w/vented rotors and drum rears No booster AZ Z oil pan and oil cooler (11 qts total) AL dash with multiple gauges total weight w/ 8 gals and 175 lb driver = 2300 FL 563 FR 563 RL 584 RR 590 F 49% R 51% Cross 50/50
  10. gnosez

    Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

    Back in the late '70s Preston took 12 or so 280Z 5-spds and turned them into straight cut, changeable transmissions using Hewland gears. I know were 3.5 are and would like to put my hands on one of the remaining units.
  11. gnosez

    Quarter Master 5.5 Clutch and Flywheel

    For the starter to engage? Yes, it's from an automatic. Everything was ordered from QuarterMaster.
  12. gnosez

    Shops in MA

    While it could be a main seal leak, I'd be looking for some other locations (front cover, or the pan itself) first. When your car is being driven the leaking oil could be migrating back towards the back of the engine and tranny. Clean everything, then drive the car a few miles and check starting at the front.
  13. Installed but never used, a Quarter Master L-Series 5.5 inch clutch and flywheel package complete with starter ring, release bearing and bolts. I paid $1,172 (shipping and tax) and am selling the package for $950 which includes shipping. Email me at: [email protected]
  14. I have the following parts for sale: 1) Performance 65mm TB with intake tube and K&N filter (MSA 11-3021/11-2021 $490) asking $400. 2) 280Z rebuilt MAF (Fuel Injection Corp 415001 $265) asking $215 3) 1972-83 fan clutch (MSA 16-7031 $93) asking $75 4) EBC front pads (V6 Toyo DP4807R $145) asking $110 Prices include shipping. Email me direct at: [email protected]
  15. Duragg - you happen to snap one? Seems I know someone else who did.