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  1. Thanks good advices, I have chedked the end of the booster supply hose, 9inch of vacuum. I will try with Chickenman advice about revving the engine, good tip. The booster is new, could be a chance that the reaction disc is out of place, I will check that too. Thanks again, I will keep you posted, Selvin
  2. Thanks a lot for the answer. My engine is a LT1 95, EFI, with stock PCM, I already have Tunner Cat to work on the tunning. I think that I could try advancing the time and I will change the spark plugs too, I was using stock ones and I read that the recommended for the 503 Cam are TR55 NGK. For now the plan would be: 1. Bleed the system, just in case. 2. Re-adjust the rear brakes. 3. Check pedal free travel (rod lenght) 4. Apply vacuum to the booster with an external pump, just to try if there is an improvement, if there is, modify the ignition time with tuner cat. (or maybe a dual diaphragm booster?) 5. Now I think I'm clear that updating to 1" master cylinder without changing the stock components was an error, so, when my budget allow me, for start swap to toyota calipers, I already have the calipers for vented rotors, so I need rebuild the calipers, buy the rotors and spacers. Of course, any other ideas are welcome. Thanks again,
  3. Hi guys, I'm having a few issues with my brakes: is extermely hard to stop my car, the pedal feels like a rock after about an inch of travel. I have a 75 280z with Lt1 and a 503 cam, 280zx 10" booster (new), 1" wilwood MC (new), front stock disc brakes and rear drum brakes with all new hardware, and 9 inch of vacuum at the booster port.. Do you think the 9 inch of vacuum are too low or could be any other thing to check? or maybe having a 10 inch booster and 1 inch MC could be compensated installing toyota 4 pistons caliper? Thank you in advance, Selvin
  4. WTB Hi guys, I'm looking for a passenger door/window glass for a 280z 1977, according to thee info that I have found, I only can use a glass from a 77 or 78, earlier are different, could you please check if you have one? I would need it shipped to 75212. Sadly, I can't pick it up or look in JY, I'm from Guatemala and after receiving it in Texas a friend will import it for me. Thanks a lot.
  5. Choosing a Camshaft, L31 engine.

    Thank you guys, we are gonna try with a XE262 Cam kit, I'll let you know how it works, thanks for your help. Selvin
  6. Choosing a Camshaft, L31 engine.

    Thanks northwoodz, you have a point, I'll do some reading tonight and some research... thanks for the info...
  7. Choosing a Camshaft, L31 engine.

    Sorry for the delay in my response... would be something that doesn't need a new torque converter or another heavy mod. I was thinking about the https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/cca-k12-242-2/overview/ - COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Cam and Lifter Kits K12-242-2 But I don't know if it would be too much... Thanks in advance,
  8. I have 350 chevy, I would love to add some power with a camshaft, checking the casting numbers I found : 10243880 for the block (not roller) 12558062 for the cyl heads According to some lectures, that block is used for an L31 vortec engine, and the same for the cyl heads. Behind the engine there is a TH400 trans, bue I don't know the stall of the converter . The rear end is 3.55. Now the engine is using a Road Demon carb and an Edelbrock intake manifold, with that info somebody could help me to choose a nice camshaft (street/strip)? We removed the actual camshaft and just found stamped GM20, in the end a 476 and 251005, and in some place there is a 964 or probably a 6964, the first six isn’t clear. Reading a little more, I found this link, it seems that the engine could be a 350 H.O. http://www.chevrolet.com/performance/crate-engines/small-block-350-ho Thank you in advance, Selvin
  9. Hi guys, I'm about to finish my Lt1 swap on a 75'z, I'm using a CS PLFS type alternator, I connected it to the L terminal going trough the charge light (like in the picture), but when I turned the switch to on the charge light went on and out at almost the same time, then never turn on again and the Alt is not charging... Could be that the resistance of the charging light is too low and needs another resistor? Do you think I burned the regulator or something else? Thank you.
  10. Automatic trans shifter-knob

    PM Sent. Thanks Logan. Selvin
  11. Automatic trans shifter-knob

    Hi guys, again , I'm looking for a shifter knob (handle) for an automatic shifter, thanks a lot. Selvin
  12. Did you finally install your wheels? pics? Thanks
  13. Auto Shifter Knob

    Guys? Thanks...
  14. Auto Shifter Knob

    Zentech and jhm, sorry but do you have any news? Hi guys, somebody else could have an Automatic Shifter Handle? Thanks a lot, Selvin.
  15. Auto Shifter Knob

    Thanks jhm, send me a PM with the price shipped to 33166, please..