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  1. 2017 Z NAtionals

    Keith, hope to see you there, took car out Saturday and ran with some Porsches and a viper this last Saturday ran pretty strong so good to go for Friday at Road Atlanta. Who else is going or am I only one representing the HYBRIDZ group?
  2. N42 Ported Head

    Just got my bottom end back from local machine shop, had been talking to Slovers a while back about doing my head but after reading your post I am very concerned about trusting his shop after reading your post. Would you do business with them again? PM'd you if you want to answer there.
  3. 2017 Z NAtionals

    Rebekahs Z, hope you have your cage ready to go and see you there.
  4. 2018 ZCON

    So with the completion of the 2017 ZCON in Austin Texas the announcement was made that the 2018 ZCON will be in Atlanta Ga. Last one was in 1995 and was well attended and a good show, hoping for a repeat next year of another great show. Scheduled to be held in October next year and a track day at Road Atlanta, let the smack talking begin!
  5. 2017 Z NAtionals

    Fair number of the newer stuff but a very respectable show of the S30 models for the track day, take a look a the video's from the website znationals.com and should give you a fair answer to your question.
  6. Ryan sent you an email about parts discussing and to send me a paypal invoice. Will be at work tomorrow so send me an email so we can get this wrapped up
  7. Air horn filters

    My those are pretty sweet any chance of 6 for my 44 Mikunis?
  8. 2017 Z NAtionals

    It is that time of year again to start making plans for the Z Nationals, great event last year, with a huge car show and awesome track day at Road Atlanta. Hopefully Keith wont have any excuses not to attend this year. Not sure if I might bring the 510 this year for something different at the car show, or bring the faithful Z to have fun with on the track. Let the smack talking begin! znationals.com 10/13/17 Track day at Road Atlanta 10/14/17 Car show at Cool Ray Field and banquet dinner following show
  9. Hope you had the chance to make it out to the show. Lots of Datsuns and great participation by the Nissan Heritage Collection and others.Will post pictures when I can figure out how to do it with the phone.
  10. SCCA PDX (HPDE) at Daytona April 8th and 9th

    Fun course believe this is the one we ran for the ZCON, might try and make it out for this event
  11. On march 10th Adam Carolla is putting a seminar with racers and teams from back in the days of racing Datsuns, this panel is to include Pete Brock, John Morton, Sam Posey, and Chip Robinson. The following day Saturday the 11th, the Cars and Coffee event will be held with a big emphasis on Japanese cars, my 5510 has been invited as well as several of my other friends Datsun Z's. So if you make it out, should be well worth the visit, stop by and say hi.
  12. 2016 Z Nationals

    Another great track day with Z Nationals, once the track had cleared up and got a chance to open the car up. Hope all that attended had a great time as well.
  13. 2016 Z Nationals

    All registered and paid up for track day and hotel, hoping to see you all out there and have some fun!
  14. ZCON 2016

    COTA for parade laps another venue for track day, I would be willing to pay the extra for a track day at COTA.....maybe Nissan will step up to the plate with some appreciation for the support they get from the Z community and subsidize the cost.
  15. ZCON 2016

    Hopefully everyone has started getting the email's from Diane who is organizing the track day, READ the info sent out as there is one part concerning competition belts that we might not be used to at track days in the States as follows.....current seat belts that are SFI or FIA approved will be checked and expected to ensure they are no more than 2 years old the day of the track event, if you are having a instructor, that seat that the instructor is in has to have current belts as well. If you are using your stock 30 year old belts then you are OK, but if using competition style belts make sure they are current. If you have a cage it is mandatory to have competition belts....long way to drive and find out you cannot go on track! Following are a few questions I had asked and the response I received: Tech will be open day of track event starting at 7AM with drivers meeting at 8:30AM and first car out at 9:00am Currently working on drivers groups and info will be out shortly for this You will be able to set up and leave your vehicle at the track on the 3rd night before the event, however there is another group using the track on the 3rd so we will not have access until 8:30pm Here is a great tutorial video of driving the track with lots of information to key on as far as breaking points, turn in points and track out points search on youtube for IRACING: TUTORIAL MUSTANG AT MOSPORT. Sorry for some reason could not copy and paste to thread.