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  1. 01vincer6

    Ford 8.8 IRS Differential Swap Mounting Kit S30

    I'm not going to go back and forth on this and have his thread filled full of 6 paragraph responses. I guess he should have just made it all solid billet.
  2. 01vincer6

    Ford 8.8 IRS Differential Swap Mounting Kit S30

    Guess I should have read those comments more thoroughly. Others verified a potential weakness of other products but not of the product being advertised. If someone buys the product and finds a weakness then they would post their opinion about that new product rather than assuming it is weak. If you want to start a "discussion" or pick apart someones new product you should start a new discussion thread about those who have purchased the product and post feedback about it.
  3. 01vincer6

    Ford 8.8 IRS Differential Swap Mounting Kit S30

    Haters are going to find reasons to dog new products. They most likely will never purchase something like it or have any interest in it but would rather bash to get a rise. Takes alot of time and money to make custom parts like this but most will never appreciate the work you put into it.
  4. Looking for a 1972 240z passenger side rear quarter panel. Change plans for fender flares and need good panel. The new sectioned replacements available are to small to cover the area..
  5. 01vincer6

    retrospec dash?

    I almost bought the fenders but they are mostly fiberglass right?
  6. 01vincer6

    retrospec dash?

    Ya Facebook Retrospec if you want quicker responses.. Mine shipped out in about 4 weeks through them. Palm Composites I ordered the carbon door panels on a Friday and had them by Thursday.
  7. 01vincer6

    retrospec dash?

    I have the front air dam and cowl in carbon. Not a bad product but their lead time is nuts. Palm Composites is better quality but less available atm.
  8. I mounted mine to the outside of the headlight bucket and not the inside like you have pictured.
  9. Had to order a set because its so bada$$
  10. Crazy to see how much time is involved making carbon parts. Excellent work
  11. 01vincer6

    Branson Z Fest JUNE 3RD - JUNE 5TH, 2016

    wfritts you better be there with your car!
  12. Anyone going to Branson Z Fest this year? I finally get to make it again and with the new car. You guys will get to see my secret Cobra 8.8 setup if you come
  13. I will build you one for under that.
  14. 01vincer6

    8.8 IRS kit

    Contact zcardepot.com. I think he might be able to offer something.
  15. 01vincer6

    Complete 930 CV kit for the S30 Z car R200

    When a new US president is elected the loonie will be back up to normal. Happens everytime