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  1. I do agree about closer to the original lines intersecting. But the front flares terminating early with the rear of the wheel open is beautiful. I could see it reaching to the rear of the front fender so the bottom portion could be removed, allowing for venting etc. the rears maybe just a better line around the doors ( it always appears at a twisted awkward angle to me.... Other than that, I think spot on!
  2. V8 exhaust resonance help

    Little late, but the vt muffler, Is clickitty clack even when installled flat. Mine is even only on a 2.0 (sr20det). But other than that, awsome.... Mine I would describe as the sound of a lifter that collapsed, only in the rear, And is constant until its been driven for a while (10-15 minutes of normal driving)....
  3. 240z carbon fiber front bumper with alluminum

    This is still available people.... So, someone should buy it!
  4. 240z carbon fiber front bumper with alluminum

    Still for sale bump
  5. 240z carbon fiber front bumper with alluminum

    Haven't received a pm from you? Firm on 300 shipped. I paid $300 plus shipping for the bumper, and another $70 for the mounting brackets. I don't need the money, I simply don't need this laying around. I am trying to get rid of all my stuff I'll never use, and this happens to be some of it.
  6. 240z carbon fiber front bumper with alluminum

    Still available, I can't believe no one wants a carbon fiber SUPER light front bumper on an s30!
  7. s30 v8 conversion parts (sbc) jtr with headers!

    I'd rather not, but 200 shipped and I guess I could.
  8. Stephen Palmer Waverly NY [email protected] $150 shipped to the U.S. As stated in the title, 280z drilled slotted rotors (new, but were bolted on, slight flash rust in the slots), remanufactured brake calipers (with brake pads installed), new brake master cylinder, also bolted on, but never had fluid put into it, and still new in the box braided brake hoses Well, bought this as a start to a project, but circumstances force me to abandon the project. This is pretty much a complete brake upgrade to the front, and it includes the rear braided brake hoses. Any questions just ask. Price is also obo, and I am into performance 300zx parts for trade if you have any..
  9. 240z carbon fiber front bumper with alluminum

    Responded to pm.
  10. s30 v8 conversion parts (sbc) jtr with headers!

    Yes, but would still need a driveshaft. I never personally tried the exhaust, so don't "know" that the manifolds will clear the steering rack, but these are the headers from jtr. Asd a general idea, I had a small block chevy bolted into my 280z, and running (with a set of block hugger headers upside down).