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  1. ktown z

    Rb26dett and AC?

    Thanks for the info. MSA stated they no longer have the kits and do not know when they will be available. I will look into the vintage air. I have the vintage air kit on my 69 camaro and love it. I wanted to keep the stock z controls.
  2. ktown z

    Rb26dett and AC?

    Does anyone know if I purchase and install the MSA A/C kit and get modify the lines to fit the Rb26dett compressor work? The Texas heat is reducing my quality time with her. The kit is linked below http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic09b06/16-7568
  3. ktown z

    Coil Suggestions

    Doing great man and so is the z. I installed power steering and got it tuned. Drives like a new car. I'll swing by after I put the front back together. Doing a 240z lower spoiler and grill.
  4. ktown z

    Coil Suggestions

    I know this sounds crazy but check your grounds and/or make some. I have had my car tuned by numerous places and it had a same issues you have described. I purchased new plugs, coil packs, and ran numerous diagnostic tests. It ended up being it needed a better GROUND. That's it!
  5. I don't know about the cx racing mounts but I have been running the rb26 McKinney ones for a few years. I have had problems with mine. It required to be shimmed because the engine would rest on the crossmember. Also the poly tore apart within 2 years and very low miles. But if it wasn't for McKinney making these, I wouldn't have my dream car.
  6. ktown z

    The making of Zilla Z

    Ihiryu- Hit me up when ya'll meet up. I've been considering going the rb30dett route and wanna see one put together. Arif- good luck with the build. Looking good.
  7. ktown z

    RB26dett with VQ35 trans (McKinney)

    Well I emailed Mac and got a very quick reply for all these questions. 1. The shifter does not sit in the stock location. It is about 4 inches farther back. 2. I will fit the trans tunnel. All tunnels are different so a BFH might be needed to persuade it. 3. A new drive shaft is needed. As far as the noise from the engine, I believe it to be a loose flywheel. At least that is what I hope it is. When doing the swap 10 years ago, I remember not using locktite and forgetting to put in the dowel pins. I also installed one of those "amazing" cheap xtd ebay clutches and flywheel. I know this is not acceptable but I was a kid and not very patient with my work. Times are different now. We did a compression test and all cylinders were 160 or above. That is fantastic! My oil looks good but I should send it out to get analyzed. When I get it back I will drop the tranny and replace the clutch/flywheel and torque everything to spec with locktite. Hopefully this will work. If not, 10k later and I will have a built motor.
  8. Well I went to get my lady tuned today with 800cc injectors and gt2860-5s hoping for the best. The tuner stated he hears a knock and we are trying to diagnose it right now. It is not looking good. I hear a rattle in the drivetrain but the pros hear a knock. We will see. If I have to rebuild, I would like to change out my 5 speed RB25det trans to a VQ35/37 trans. McKinney makes a mount kit and there are adaptors available online. I have a bunch of questions. Do you think the VQ shifter will line up to the stock shifter location? My interior is all new and I don't want the hacked up look. Will I have to modify my trans tunnel to fit the larger trans? I know I will have to measure out the driveshaft but If anyone has done this swap, will my current driveshaft fit? I'm guessing a VQ clutch and flywheel will be needed. Is there anything I am missing? Thanks for supporting my 12 year obsession! James
  9. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    So I have added 1.5 bottles of friction modifyer to the diff and did figure 8's for about 5 mins. The loud clunking and popping has reduced significantly. I have not driven for extended periods but I believe this has fixed the problem. I wanted to say thanks again for the support.
  10. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    So I raised the car 2 more inches about all it can be raised. Then I took her for a spin. I drove slow and figure 8's through a parking lot and was able to reproduce the noise. The clunking and popping was present in the turns and initial straights just at less than 30mph and way more noticeable at a creep. I believe it is not the cv's and im just not used to the clsd. I have ordered a bottle of friction modifyer and will see if it makes a difference. I will keep you posted and THANKS for the support. Also, when I do another color change on the car, I am gonna pull the motor. While it's out, i will probably send the tranny out to get rebuilt and new seals. Is the z31 transmission rebuilt kit the same as an rb25det?
  11. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    Thanks Johnc. I will try that tomorrow morning. I believe this is the case because everytime i but the car on jack stands to do work the noise goes away for the first few miles.
  12. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    Thanks Johnc. I will try that tomorrow morning. I believe this is the case because everytime i but the car on jack stands to do work the noise goes away for the first few miles.
  13. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    Thanks Johnc. I will try that tomorrow morning. I believe this is the case because everytime i but the car on jack stands to do work the noise goes away for the first few miles.
  14. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    The "I think" statement is not too confindence inspiring. This car is killing me. I just wanna get it tuned and drive it. I could always drop it off to a shop and spend a bunch of money, but that is not the kind of people we are on this forum. I am gonna call wolfcreek for advise tomorrow.
  15. ktown z

    Wolfcreek issues?

    I purchased the r200 kit from wolfcreek website. I raised the vehicle to allow a 1 inch wheel gap and still same problem the alignment was not adjusted and the camber is not "bad". I wont be able to do anything else tonight or tomorrow but will try to get some pics up thursday. Are the r180 shafts longer?