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  1. ZZZeee

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    I know exactly how you feel. For me it's money though. I can no longer work on my own cars and even shade tree mechanics aren't cheap. And the parts... fughet-a-bout-it. Things will improve in a few months so I do have some hope of getting this thing done.
  2. ZZZeee

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    HONDA DOOR BUTTONS: 78Z/250GTO / Con Brio / others... Money has been very tight lately so it'll be a few more weeks before I can have the these done. It's not an cheap job. Once these are completed I'll post photos of pairs to select from... but they should all look the same... like brand new. I'll also post a receipt of the fees. All I want is my actuall costs back. BTW, if anyone knows where to buy new replacement seals please let me know and I'll include them with each set. I paid $20 per set a couple of years ago for these... plus the refinishing/re-chroming costs and the new seals. Again... all receipts posted for review. Re-keying is up to the new owners so they can have them keyed to match their ignition. Sorry this is taking so long... just hard financial times right now.
  3. ZZZeee

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    It'll be a few weeks before they're ready because I'm short on cash but I'll post pics and final prices when they're finished. I'm not making any profit from these, BTW. I just want my actual cost of purchase and re-chroming.
  4. ZZZeee

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    CAR COVER: I saw a couple of references to car covers for the 250 GTO kit but has anyone actually ordered one for the hardtop? If so, how well does it fit? Are the construction and material quality up to par? How much did it cost and where did you get it? BTW, I have the old Alpha 1 built by Joe Alphabet.
  5. ZZZeee

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    I haven't posted here in a very long time due to family, personal and financial issues... and I've been down about my project because I was ripped off $4500 in parts and labor so I've just been laying low with the car just sitting in the garage. HONDA DOOR BUTTONS: To anyone interested I have four or five sets but they need to be cleaned up and re-chromed. I'll have this done sometime in the next few weeks and will offer the spare sets for sale in pairs. I'll post again with prices once they're reconditioned. Re-keying will be up to the buyer as you'll most likely want them keyed to match your ingition and hatch (or trunk).
  6. ZZZeee

    Blake's 260z restore project

    Fourteen months and no update. I'm a little bit disappointed. Did you lose interest or is time a factor? I hope everything is okay there.
  7. ZZZeee

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    Stagger... May I suggest you put a little time and money into your GTO before you sell it? Most people just want something in really nice condition with no "problems" and in very decent "cosmetic" condition. They'll pay top dollar for it because they either can't or don't want to do the work themselves. They want it the "easy way". If you doubt my words just ask blueovalz here on the HZ forum. He ran into the same issue with his absolutely gorgeous one-of-a-kind V8 conversion when he tried to sell it without the drive train. BTW, this goes for just about anything else you may want to sell. I dealt on fleaBay for a long time and I have a pretty good understanding of how people think. I can guarantee that a little know-how, some time, and a bit of elbow grease will net you much bigger rewards than just "letting it go". People will pay big money for "nearly perfect" but shy away from "pretty good". The only people buying "pretty good" are those looking to make a profit by buying your "pretty good" item and making it "nearly perfect". Again... it's just a suggestion.
  8. ZZZeee

    Woah talk about some air!

    Yeah it's one of those "wheelie cars"... all show... not that much go.
  9. ZZZeee

    Doc's new project

    Hey Doc... Is E85 available in your area?
  10. ZZZeee

    260 z interior confusion

    The early 260's are like the 240's while the later ones are like 280's. I don't know which month they changed.
  11. ZZZeee

    New Strut Bars FOR SALE!!!!

    $25 an hour is cheap if you're efficient. Have you estimated actual machine time per bar? If you do 100 bars at a time it should be pretty darned low.
  12. I haven't seen anyone mention using an external oil cooler and elect pump in lieu of a finned cover. Of course, this isn't as pretty as those shiny fins. Then again, how many people look that carefully at another car's rear-end anyway? That's sort of private, don't you think? Besides... I don't wan't to be constantly cleaning my car's bottom with my tooth brush to keep her shiny.
  13. ZZZeee

    Custom Fiberglas to order in any color in gel coat

    You'll sell plenty. I say go for it!!
  14. I have one of these that was shortened (cut and welded) to correct for bolt hole placement. It's for sale. PM if you're interested.