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  1. I believe I read the 280zx stub axle bearings have a bigger OD.
  2. Your Webserver doesn't work for me.
  3. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    If you do that I recommend an information on the main page/title/whatever of the old space, because DNS caches will cause confusion.
  4. Hi! I have no idea what I’m doing…

    Welcome and have fun. 1. Label the bolts/parts if you take multiple things apart. 2. A driving car is much more fun than a standing one.
  5. RyanT67's 240Z

    looks great
  6. Go to the next Tüv....
  7. Parts without certificate are getting harder to get through TÜV (wheels, exhaust and so on). That was easier a few years ago. They don't have to be stock, most inspectors of the TÜV don't even know whats stock on Z but it helps when they have the right measurements and look stock/old. The historic certificate is on another level: Any mods must have been possible +10 years of built date or older than 30 years but nobody would care about the heat shields. They are more forgiving for mods which are not visible. Tyres at most 10mm wider than stock. A good optical condition. But that also means the maximum amount of tax for the car is $215. Normally dependent of the engine displacement. For example the L24: $730/yearly without historic certificate and $215 with it. Helps a lot on big V8s.
  8. 240Z body kit from Japan

    Saw the kit live in their workshop, looks nice. If I remember right there are 305 mm tires on the back.
  9. Marugen Shoukai Fender Flares and coilovers. Rota Kyusha Front 17x9 +12 12 mm spacers 245/40R17 Rear 17x9,5 +12 12 mm spacers 265/40R17 The last picture is misleading. The rear has a bit more negative camber now, due to new bushings but I have no better picture.
  10. WTB: Marugen Shoukai Works flares

    RHD Japan doesn't have them in stock? Mine took only a week to Germany after the order.
  11. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    We bored out the weld point of the little arm on the MC4. Small problems with the hand brake lever (stock cable) but it works so far.
  12. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    That is a nice idea, that way I can solve two problems.
  13. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    I am in the middle of installing the kit with the not completely unexpected problems with the hand brake cable end. I got the same problem you posted a while ago: Not exactly sure how to solve this problem but my OEM cable worked for the other part and is long enough. It's a 12/72 build US 73 model.
  14. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    I had to make new front brackets out of steel for legal reasons. Good you decided to make yours out of steel and not aluminum like I wanted
  15. Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

    Because: 7/16-20 (11,1mm diameter) thread for the bolts which hold the caliper, 12mm holes for the bolts to the stub axle. I just didn't like to have wrong facts or unanswered questions open.