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  1. The making of Zilla Z

    The picture is not of my friends swap but the same workshop. Edit: Honeywell magnet sensor with multiple odd-numbered permanent magnets on the prop shaft
  2. The making of Zilla Z

    A friend swapped in the 350z transmission in a S13 and used a sensor on the prop shaft to read the speed, but if it will be electrical anyway, it should be easier with the GPS speedo.
  3. 1973 Bumper mount: (image source: http://www.cpidshop.top/bumpers-c-132_158_1354_2265/73-1973-datsun-240z-front-bumper-bracket-pair-rh-lh-oem-used-p-3459.htm ) 1973 Bumper filler (because they are wider) vs 1970 bumper mount: I switched on my 73 240z to the early bumpers and only bend/bored a self made early bumper style mount. For the reverse, you have to set them a bit forward but the sides will have big gaps without the bumper fillers and I hate them, I already destroyed 2 pairs because the material gets brittle over the years. Or you would have to cut and weld the side mounts inside the bumper to a new position. Here is the 73er bumper installed, you can see the bumper fillers behind the bumper and at the sides.
  4. @ german laws: Everything which has been used on a production car is relatively easy to get road legal, custom parts not so much. As for brakes, they had to be on a car with a similar or higher HP rating.
  5. Shakotan Z

    Of the new ones: 1. second picture number 1 2. orange/grey (no. 4) What tool did you use for the models?
  6. L24 vs L28 crank pulley

    The L28 (F54/P90) I got here has the timing tab on the driver side. (LHD)
  7. Shakotan Z

    I love the first one! (and maybe the second)
  8. Piston Source Needed...

    I know the thread is old but it's a current problem. Many of the old Nissan Parts # aren't available. I found a few numbers but I am missing details for the parts: zHome FAQ: 12101-40F10 flat tops zcar.com forum: One guy ordered 12101-40F10 and got 12010-40F10 "They are 89mm and are flat tops. Is this a misprint or am i screwed. " Available Pistons: https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts-list/1989-nissan-240sx/piston-crankshaft-flywheel.html?PNC=12010 12010-40F10 STD GRADE 1 07/1988-10/1988 12010-30R12 STD GRADE 3 10/1988-07/1990 Replaced by: A2010-30R12 Which one is correct as for 89 mm and flat tops or <6cc ?
  9. Bought wrong size muffler

    It will theoretically get louder.
  10. L28 - 3 x DCOE

    I read in the other forum, MSA uses the same springs in their kit for stage 1 to stage 7 and the wear on the cams is too high for stage 1 and 2 cams. The tip was to use 300zx springs from the NA engines 84-87 for these lower stage cams. I can't guarantee for the rightness of the information but I think to ask Rebello for a kit would be the better alternative.
  11. L28 - 3 x DCOE

    I face the same question and the only tip I can give you which I found in the forums: The springs in the cam kit are too stiff for stage 1 and 2.
  12. Yep same for me. It would be nice to get the custom streams somewhere more prominent
  13. The "unread Content" on the mainpage is not the same you saved. "Activity" -> "My Activity Streams" -> "Custom Streams"
  14. I believe I read the 280zx stub axle bearings have a bigger OD.
  15. Your Webserver doesn't work for me.