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  1. Still available, and with an update on the Year. It was built 11/71, sold in '72. That'll teach me to only check the title for the year
  2. Still available. Just put a new set of Falken rubber on. EDIT: 9/8/14; just put new pads and rotors on the the front. The *only* thing that needs work is the paint on the roof now.
  3. Nice. Thanks for the link! It's been re-posted in a ton of places (including some with wildly incorrect info and asking prices for some reason). I do find it funny that half the guys on that post like the price, and half of them think it's crazy.
  4. Well, I've got it up here and a couple of other places. We'll see *shrug*
  5. *shrugs* I'm going off the advice of Rob at ZCG. I haven't been following the market for a long time. And, FWIW, when bringatrailer.com linked it, they thought the price was good *shrugs again*
  6. Don't have alot of time to do a nice long post about this car, so I'll hit the highlights real quick. I'm selling this car because I've reached the point in my life that I can't drive it nearly as much as I want to. I also have more use for the money than the car right now. To the best of my knowledge (I haven't looked into it) It's been a California car it's entire life, and I know it's been in CA the last 20 years or so. All maintenance and work to the car has been done at the Z Car Garage in San Jose (see links below), and the engine work has always been done at Rebello. There's some minor rust bubbling in the usual spots behind the wheels at the bottom of the body panels, but nothing under the trunk lid or anywhere else that I've found so far. I'll check in on this thread as much as possible, but the best way to reach me is going to be via email [email protected], or by texting my cell 408 410 3926 (text first. I don't pick up on numbers I don't recognize) Here’s a quick rundown of the major modifications to the car: Engine: Rebello built 3.0 liter (235whp/217wtq) (rebuilt less than 3 years ago, less than 3000 miles on it since then) Triple Mikuni 44 carbs Koyo race radiator 280ZX 5spd transmission Full ZCG exhaust system ZCG carb heat shield JWT clutch/flywheel Suspension/Wheels/Aero/Misc: New discs/Rotors on the front 9/8/14 Ground Control coil-overs front and rear (w/ camber plates) Techno Toys LCAs 16×8 Panasport wheels New Falken rubber (9/6/14) Front and rear strut bars Front and rear spoilers Four point race belts on passenger and driver bucket seats Z Car Garage HID headlight upgrade *When engine was installed, engine bay was stripped, cleaned up, re-painted, and had all apropriate hardware cadmium plated What needs work: -Clearcoat/paint on the roof will need to be touched up. For a more complete write up and some more pictures, here's a little writeup and photo collection from the Z Car Garage's blog (and some clarification, the light blue Z is *NOT* this car. That's my old car that gave up it's heart for this): http://www.zcarblog.com/2013/05/30/performance/heart-transplant-scotts-240z.html EDIT and clarification: That'll teach me to go straight off the title for the year. Turns out it's an 11/71 production car, sold in '72.
  7. PanzerAce

    WTB Pre-75 S30 near San Jose, CA.

    Still looking. First choice would be a white or orange exterior with black interior
  8. PanzerAce

    WTB Pre-75 S30 near San Jose, CA.

    saw that one and passed. Wasn't really what I was looking for. The most annoying thing right now is that I keep seeing nice ones at work, but none are for sale :/
  9. PanzerAce

    WTB Pre-75 S30 near San Jose, CA.

    Fairly straightforward. I'm looking for a pre-smog car with a good/great interior and exterior. The engine, however, doesn't matter to me as it's going to get swapped, so as long as it gets around, I'm interested. Colors I'm not especially interested in: brown, dark green. If you've got an ad up on HBZ, link me. Otherwise feel free to email photos/info to [email protected]
  10. PanzerAce

    RIP HLS30163341, 06/1973 - 05/2012

    Insurance totaled it out. Getting ~12k after buying the car back. If anyone has a pre-75 Z with a good interior and exterior for sale, let me know.
  11. PanzerAce

    RIP HLS30163341, 06/1973 - 05/2012

    Glue/insulation from a hood blanket the PO installed. It had to go considering I was driving this baby regularly in 110+ degree weather That's the plan. Find car with a real nice exterior and interior but a crap or busted engine and swap the L30 into that. Biggest advantage for me is that I'm in California, so it won't be excessively hard to find a new car that's clean. Hell, the flaking paint revealed that the metal was basically in as it left the factory condition.
  12. PanzerAce

    RIP HLS30163341, 06/1973 - 05/2012

    I've actually got a rolling shell '78 in a storage unit. The only reason I haven't committed to swapping the engine into that is that I need to figure out a way to make a rebello 3.0 smog legal...