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  1. Angeles Crest Hwy. Cruise Nov.3, 2012 Meet up @ 8 am Sport Chalet parking lot 2 sport chalet dr. la canada, ca
  2. mazedatsun

    Formula D - Most Gangster Old School!

    link to some pics from Jtuned auto gallery in Irwindale http://www.f360p.com/?p=839
  3. mazedatsun

    n42 head

    I have one that needs work. Let me know if you want to see it. I'm in Pasadena Nelson (626)255-5150
  4. mazedatsun

    datsun 240z rear sway bar used

    please check your pm. Thanks.
  5. mazedatsun

    datsun 240z rear sway bar used

    Thanks for the info. I can check later and see if it came out of a 260z.
  6. mazedatsun

    datsun 240z rear sway bar used

    Tyler thanks for the info. I can be wrong about the sway bar. Does the 260 sway bar goes in the front with the bracket ? Thanks.
  7. mazedatsun

    datsun 240z rear sway bar used

    datsun 240z rear sway bar (addco) 3/4 inch /0.75 $75 obo
  8. THANKS FOR EVERYONE THAT MADE IT. SEE YOU ON THE NEXT ONE. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v652/knucklez/July%2011%20meet/?albumview=slideshow
  9. This event is this saturday. Hope to see some z's out there driving. Take out your cars and have fun...
  10. The Date has been set...JULY 11TH 2009... A nice cruise through the Angeles Crest Highway and BBQ Lunch at Brookside Park in Pasadena. The Last 2 Cruises were awesome and we're hoping this one will be even greater!! After the cruise, join us at the park for a BBQ meet and greet ! Fun for the whole Family !! Come Out and Make Friends !! Drive that Car you Love So Much and Enjoy the Summer with Fellow Enthusiasts !! Good Vibes ! Good People ! Good Food ! Hope to See you there ! Drive Safe ! Location can be subject to change. You can also email me for any questions and suggestions. [email protected] Planned route:
  11. mazedatsun

    K&N Filters for Tripple Mikuni Set Up $150

    SOLD to 2Zowner. Thanks.
  12. mazedatsun

    polished valve cover

    polished valve cover $130.00
  13. mazedatsun

    Japanese Classic Car Cruise II

    http://s122.photobucket.com/albums/o241/bucketOjonar/Old%20Skool%20Crest%20Cr http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii238/mazedatsun/japanese%20classic%20fun%20%20drive%20II/?albumview=slideshow
  14. Thanks to everyone that made it. It was a good turn out except fro the foggy weather. See you on the next one. http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii238/mazedatsun/japanese%20classic%20fun%20%20drive%20II/?albumview=slideshow&mediafilter=images http://s122.photobucket.com/albums/o241/bucketOjonar/Old%20Skool%20Crest%20Cruise%20pt2/?albumview=slideshow