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  1. 33 psi. in the front and 29 psi. in the rear is where my car likes it best. Yours may be slightly different. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/83577-the-build-of-a-240z-by-310z/page-5
  2. 310z

    New guy in nor cal

    Welcome to the site, enjoy the ride.
  3. 310z

    New Z owner in the Bay Area, Ca

    Welcome to the site, enjoy the ride. I have spent a few days in Pacifica, beautiful area. Here is a link to my build and you can get more than 300 hp out of an L-6 http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/83577-the-build-of-a-240z-by-310z/ You are close to Robelo Racing and I understand that Dave is going to start to build tall (diesel blocks)deck 3.2 L, they will have over 300 hp. and it will sound awesome unlike a turbo four.
  4. 310z

    New guy from Oregon here...

    Welcome to the site, enjoy the ride.
  5. 310z

    72 240Z, need opinions

    The parts I see are worth more than the price. The rust I see would send me in another direction but it depends on your local area. In an area where rusted out Zs are the norm that might be an OK car to start with. In my area I would spend a little more and get a body that did not need so much work.
  6. 310z

    What are these wheels?

    I had a set given to me and I will most likely pass them on to someone in need.
  7. That looks good, fit is just right. Will your car be ready for any of the Trinity Touring Car events this year?
  8. My 2 cents as I have stated before is that five spoke wheels with a four lug pattern does not look right, no matter how cool the wheels are. There are three solution to this issue. 1. convert to five lugs 2. convert to pin drive and cover holes with a plate. Or wheels made for a pin drive set up. 3. get a different set of wheels So, I am not sure why no one is interested in Jongbloed wheels. To my knowledge they are still made in Southern California. http://jongbloedracing.com/wordpress/ The first time I saw a set of their old classic race wheels I was hooked. The set I saw were just to wide for my build. Their 214 aero is similar to their old race wheel. Then there are just some old wheels like my BBS magnesium race wheels.
  9. I also like them both. Without seeing them on a Z, I prefer the Riverside's straight spokes to the slightly curved Miramar.
  10. 310z

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Looks really nice. Put some 16x7 or 8in. wheels with 0-offset and you are set as far as looks go.
  11. 310z

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Or more.
  12. Fun video, nice driving. The sound of a straight six, I have to go back and watch that again. The best German technology (nanny's) keeping a car on the track. The only thing keeping the Z on the track is seat of the pants and skill. I had my car at Thunder Hill Raceway back in July. There was a guy in a 2016 M6, 600hp and nanny's turning faster lap times as it should have, but not a lot faster. The Z is no slouch but 43 years of technology and a lot more money, one can go as fast as you have money.
  13. 310z

    Wanted: JDM Fairlady S30 Headlight covers

    Watch ebay, they come up from time to time usually from over seas. A set sold for $1200 last year.
  14. The center fins tend to get broken when a floor jack is used that has raised edges. The raised edges place presure on the center fins and brake them off when the jack is not positioned properly. Make sure you have a good view of the two bottom center fins. I got a buddy deal about 7 yr. ago for $200.