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  1. FS: RB25DE with ITBs and MS3

    How much power do you think it makes
  2. MD - Ported Head or Turbo Cam

    If this is available in a couple weeks I'll pick it up. Just pulled mine last week, the cylinder walls were so rusty.
  3. SR20DET For Trade

    Could you throw cash on top
  4. This won't work with a late model?
  5. I put mine where my battery was and i'm relocating my batter under my passenger seat.
  6. I have a whole 2.5 inch exhaust. Came on my car. Looks really new. Sounds good too
  7. Coilovers

    looking for some coil overs, can be Ground control with sectioned struts, Integra DC2, or whatever else. Thought I would try on here before I make my own. Thanks
  8. Vented fuel cap?

    I'm also curious about this, can't you just drill a small hole or two in the cap?
  9. I wish this had come around when I had a little more money..
  10. 280z fuel tank vs Surge tank for EFI/RB swap

    I'm relocating my battery under my passengers seat and just putting my surge tank, fuel pump, fuel filter and all my lines where the old battery was located. Then all you have to do is run a feed and return and boom you're done. I was going to put it in the spare wheel compartment but the surge tank I had purchased was too big and I thought it might be cool to have it tucked under the hood.
  11. Wow these are awesome. When I pick up a 510 I will be contacting you
  12. fender exhaust??

    How did you cut through the chassis? That's what i'm curious about.
  13. fender exhaust??

    I'm really tempted to still cut a hole and try to fit my muffler in there. I think the idea of a side pipe out of the driver fender is awesome
  14. Custom L28 Fuel Rail

    PALLNET fuel rail a nice piece, I have the same exact thing for my z just with a fuel pressure gauge.
  15. fender exhaust??

    Well I bought a full mandrel bent ss 3 inch pipe kit and an aero turbine at3030. So I'll just use that and build a regular exhaust. Thanks for the help guys