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  1. BurnMac42

    Install Kit

    you said "easy" in the same sentence as 2jzgte knock on wood
  2. I assume that truck will be available anytime it snows up in Minn. as well right cause RWD cars in snow can be very interesting sometimes.....
  3. You stole my suggestion However not the best cars for track days unless you like driving a boat on the track....
  4. BurnMac42

    Anyone have a 2JZGTE valve covers for sale?

    Exhaust side, one cover with shipping from Texas to Dayton, Oh....obviously OEM..you might be able to find them cheaper but at the time it was the cheapest I could find/fastest way to get one...
  5. BurnMac42

    My 240z 2JZ-GTE swap

    Thanks for the reply!! Well I am not going to try and lie, this will be my first go at really restoring a car. I want to do as much of the work as possible and I plan on it taking years. The car will strictly be a cruiser that gets the gas mashed in every once in a while if need be. I am comfortable with working my way around a car, specifically engines. I do not have much knowledge in body/rust/fabricating however I do have access to almost all the tools I need (Auto Hobby Shops) plus I plan on taking a welding course this Spring (I know not extensive exposure but its a start). I guess a question to piggy back with this is would it be a good idea to save the engine for last? My intentions were to get the car, strip it down over time repair what I see fit from frame up. Once the metal has been taken care of and it is time to start reassembly(reassembly being loosely used because many of the parts will be new) should the engine then be looked at? Lol I guess as a shop do you guys use somewhat of a timetable formula of what stages you do when building a car (IE strip down, repair, paint, drivetrain, interior, wheels?). Like you mentioned in your post the 12k sounds like a lot of work is done by you guys. My idea was to try an eliminate as much of the time with the engine and car being seperate as possible (hence my having a shop do the physical install and I would not be opposed to them doing the drivetrain, engine, tranny, mounts, driveshaft, an diff. Assuming a new Diff is used). This obviously raises the initial "estimate" given but tremendously cuts down the time that the major components are seperated. Not going to lie the car I have now will probably be passed on in terms of being my project. I figure its worth it to pay a little extra for a car in good shape to build off of rather than pay less than 1k and end up spending much much more in frame/body repair
  6. BurnMac42

    My 240z 2JZ-GTE swap

    I keep trying to weigh my options in terms of cost/time/benefit of having a shop do this install for me. Really the only thing I would have them do is the actual physical placement/alignment of the engine (including fabricating the mounts) does anybody have a ROUGH estimate at the cost of doing this. I understand all shops will differ but maybe someone who has had previous shops do this could give a rough idea? I know alot of guys like to do this themselves however I do not have any welding experience(yet) let alone the equipment. Cliff Notes: Need rough estimate for shop to make mounts/place motor (not worrying about wiring yet)
  7. BurnMac42

    Cost Breakdown on Building TT/Single Turbo Motor

    I guess really the only thing I did not understand and I know it was not meant as an insult nor was it taken as one was that some here did not understand paying a good mount for say an intercooler (I agree 5600 is a lot but thats why it is at the top, those intercoolers support 1000+ hp applications and when you are building that much power, money is probably not hard to come by). What confused was that they get made fun of for spending that cash on parts however its been said to be ready to spend 15-20k to do an RB swap hell probably 10-15k assuming most individuals have to farm out SOME part of the process of a 2JZ swap....its all gravy though just trying to help some guys out when they think these engines will reliably pump out 800+ hp without spending some muula.....
  8. BurnMac42

    Cost Breakdown on Building TT/Single Turbo Motor

    I kinda love cars all around....yes I do have a Z, two actually 74 and a 2003....and i have had 2 supras as well..91 and 93..right now i have alot more experience with the supra motors...like I mentioned before...you can pick and choose and of course you will always be able to find parts for cheaper...that list was not intended as an iron clad must follow but just to give an idea....yeah you can get a turbo kit for 1500 dollars but will they last, maybe but 1500 is still alot of money to gamble with, i would rather get something that I can have a lot more faith in and if I have to pay more for that, then I will....Supra owners for the most part also do not have to pay lord knows how much in restoring their vehicles (usually) sorry i posted the info...i will just link ebay for you guys next time if thats the route most prefer to take....
  9. First off I do not want to take someone else's credit....this is a sticky over at supraforums.com however it seems that alot of people speculate on the cost of building these engines.....here is a decently accurate break down of what you can do with xxxx amount of dollars. MOST of these prices are from authorized sellers so I do realize that you can get used/Ebay products to save coin.......but you sacrifice warranty's/tech support, etc....anyway here it is hope this helps.....
  10. BurnMac42

    2jz anybody?

    http://www.mkiv.com/manual/manualtt/engine_mechanical_description/emd1.JPG There is the actual TSRM with the 2JZ-GE/2JZ-GTE hope that helps!
  11. BurnMac42

    2jz anybody?

    engine wise you might be thinking of the 7M-GTE which is the MKIII Supra with a single turbo.....
  12. BurnMac42

    Install Kit

    the mounts from betamotorsports are the same ones that I know another user here is having installed on their Z so I guess we cna just wait and see how the work on his car I wonder how well that bar would do with a 500+ hp motor torquing over.....
  13. BurnMac42

    2JZGTE vs 2JZGE

    Forgot to mention, if you join Supraforums DO NOT say "I want XXXX amount of HP but I want it reliable becuase I dont have any money I am 18 years old" please please please do not let them know that...if you do better put your flame suit on....I am going to be honest if you are worried about affording parts to replace you MIGHT want to hold off for a while...the parts of the 2JZ are not cheap, there are really only 2-3 decent dealerships that have parts left in the country for them (Champion Toyota is extremely Supra friendly) let alone turning that engine into a reliable 600hp....I also recommend checking out http://www.mkiv.com...there is some great information there and tech articles that will really help you eventually reach your goals....the 2JZ is an amazing motor but most guys do not reveal how much money it honestly takes to make those motors as powerful as they are.....there is a saying in tuning cars you can only pick two of the following three: reliability, power, low cost....good luck and really educate yourself before pulling the trigger!
  14. BurnMac42

    2jz - what's a good $$

    hehe sorry no we figured out that I meant the samething he was saying I just worded it poorly....it was a bad grammar on my part but we were both trying to get the same message across