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  1. Hi I have a 72 240z, but looking over the engine I found this hose, it seem it should not be connected like that. Can someone tell what does it do and where does it goes.
  2. I opened my gauges but I cannot separate the lens from the bezel. I need to separete them so I can paint the bezel (mate black). Has anyone open the combinational gauges to paint the bezel and clean or polish the lenses?
  3. You can find it here http://240z.jeromio.com/reardiscs.html http://240z.jeromio.com/images/RearDiscBracketSized.JPG Hope it helps
  4. What do you mean "never check from the ignition switch to the positive side of the coil.", what will happend if i do that?
  5. Hi, i Just try my new harness and unfortunatly it didn't work, i discovered that i'm not getting any spark from the coil, this i what i have build and connected so far: IGNITION SWITCH 1.- from the IG switch to the starter (BY black-yellow) 2.- From the IG switch to the fuse box (BW black-white) 3.- from the IG switch to the Ammeter, to fuse box (WR white-red) 4.- from the IG switch to the fuse box (LR blue-red) 5.- from the IG switch to the tachometer (GW green-white) COIL: 1.- from the + coil to the tachometer(BW black white) 2.- from the - coil to the distributor Note: the coil make a loop from the BW with the ignition switch GW ALTERNATOR: 1.- From the Alternator to the fuse box (WR white-red) 2.- From the Alternator to the Ammeter (WR white-red) 3.- From the Alternator to the Ignition switch (WR white-red) Note the alternator goes to the IG switch in point 3 VOL. REGULATOR: 1.- From the Vol. regulator to the Alternator (Y Yellow) 2.- From the Vol. regulator to the Alternator (WB white-black) 3.- From the Vol. regulator to ground (B black) 4.- From the Vol. regulator to the Starter and into the ammeter and fuse box (W white) I am telling you as much as i can and i am writting the original color (I have diferet colors since i'm making the harness) I dicovered i had no spark from the coil to the alternator paceng the cable that goes from the coil to the alternator to ground and i was expecting a spark but nothing happened, the i place the coil directly from the battery and still the same i measure with a volt meter and i read read 8.8 omhs axbetween the coil terminals The battery was fully charge any ideas what to check next? i will appreciate any help thank you all --------------------------------- 72 240z Mexico City
  6. 240z 72 with pertronix

    Ok thank you all
  7. 240z 72 with pertronix

    I draw this diagram on what i plan to do, can you help me out to verify if this is correct, thank a lot
  8. 240z 72 with pertronix

    I think 8 mm NGK will do, al least that is what i got but i am still in the process of connecting the new harness, by the way can anyone post some pictures of the pertronix setup connection? Thank you
  9. 240z 72 with pertronix

    What the resistance of the coil you are using?
  10. 240z 72 with pertronix

    Hi to you all, i been building a new harness por my 240z (since it had none), I am going to test it this weekend and i got the pertronix with a 1.5 ohm flame thrower, and i was wondering if i had this setup do I stil need a BR? Thank you all ------------------------ 72 240z Mexico City
  11. Thank You guys, i´m goign to try to get the fuses you mention and replace them, i´ll let you know how it goes, by the way do you know what is the amp or the sible links, so i can get the right fuses Thank you
  12. I am rebuilding a 72 240z and i am starting with the electrical, but the harness has had some abuse and it doesn`t have the fusible links, can i replece them with a normal fuse?
  13. 240Z Electrical Diagrams

    I just bought a '72 240Z and i`m re-wiring the car, and I was wondering if i can re-wired it using this diagrams, i am not going to put back the AC, so practically this is a much simple diagram, can it be done this way? I am new at this site and i am from Mexico