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  1. I have installed a C5 shifter from 2004 Corvette in a 260z, with 5.3 engine and LS2 intake. Transmission is 4L60E. The wiring harness came with the engine, which is from a 2008 Tahoe. I sent the harness off for modifications, but cannot figure how to tie in the neutral safety switch to the new generic Kwik Wire harness. The shifter has 2 pairs of wires. When using a battery and test light, it appears that one set is for the light in the shifter. I thought the other set was neutral safety, but could get no activity on the test light when shifting through the gears. The trans has a stock neutral safety switch and LS wiring attached. I am using a rod instead of cable. Does anyone know of a diagram to follow in connecting the Kwik Wire neutral safety (and reverse light wires) to the modified LS harness? There was no provision allowed for this in the modified LS harness, and I can get no help from the fellow on Ebay who modified the LS harness. Thanks, CB
  2. Thanks! In this case I am not seeing any spacer in the cartridges or the struts. Wow...I read an article that suggested using the entire 200R suspension...what a mistake. Knowledge is power...I have the 260 rear suspension and could have easily made this rebuild using the 260 struts had I known...the pins holding the arms to the struts are a bear, as well as removing the drums. Thanks guys for clarifying this...
  3. Thanks for your reply! I have rebuilt the rear suspension with new poly, and new strut cartridges as well...I assume that the new cartridges I purchased for the 77 struts will not fit the shorter 74 struts and that I will have to replace the new cartridges with 240z cartridges as well? thanks again for the reply, cb
  4. I am new to this website other than a question several years ago. I have a 74 260z (I believe early model) that has been a project for a couple years now. A complete 77 model rear suspension was installed in the car including trailing arms, R200, mustache bar, etc. I used the original 260z springs, but the car sets so high that the universal joints bind and will not let the wheels turn. I cut off two coils from the springs, and used 240z isolators at the top, but the car only went down an inch....from 6.5" to 5.5", measured from top of tire to lip of fender. By comparison, there are only 3.5" of space at the front fender/wheel. The drivetrain is installed and I would appreciate anyone making comment who may have answers to help me move forward with this project.