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  1. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    I ended up winning the P4 class for the year in the Miata! Philo was a great time, and the weather was incredibly good. The only problem I had was that CXRacing exhaust manifold. Several of the welds completely failed, and now I need to make a new exhaust for the Racing Beat manifold I bought to replace it. The $400 one lasted one race, and a friend has been racing for two seasons on the $150 RB model. Figures. Now that the season is finished, I'm working on minor prep jobs ... like heat/defrost, winter tires, etc. The real goal for the winter is to finish up the box truck and get the Datsun ready to race in Spring.
  2. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    It's been awhile since I updated over here, but the season has gone great so far. With the Miata sorted out and the season being wrapped up, we're ready to turn our sights back on the Datsun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGwrGR8upfA Which is better for you guys? The race footage or the story behind the race?
  3. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Today, I rebuilt the torsen limited slip. For now, it lives next to the clutched limited slip, waiting for me to choose which will be installed for Mt Washington next weekend. We also installed the new VMAXX suspension. This is a pretty fantastic budget setup (right at the $1k mark), and is still pretty compliant. Track setups would be far too stiff for any of the hills we run, so I wanted to find something that was high quality while still being compliant and adjustable. After a rough base tune, we have the car level again. Hopefully we'll have some time to fine-tune before Mt Washingont. Finally, and most importantly, we beat the piss out of the transmission tunnel. Then we cut a huge chunk out of it. Then we could fit the widest seat I've ever seen in my life ... into one of the smallest cabins available in a production car. It took most of yesterday and today to get it all aligned, get the seat facing forward, get the seat level, and make sure I could sit in the car without my head hitting the cage while also being able to close the door. Seat installation sucks.
  4. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Prep is well underway. I picked up a spare gearbox, cleaned it up, and replaced the front and rear seals, as well as rebuilding the spare clutched limited slip differential. I picked up some new 245-40R15 tires from Maxxis. I put the car into what I call "service mode" Air conditioning and power steering came out, dropping a lot of weight off the front of the car. Then it all came back together for a bit more fender trimming and basic aero mounting.
  5. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    We're racing Mt Washington, but need help from viewers to fund it.
  6. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    This weekend, a friend was clearing out their garage while moving, and had to give away the last few things that they hadn't sold off. I wrapped up a few final projects on my box truck and made a trip down there. I came back with a bunch of tools, and (at least as exciting) storage! I finally have a toolbox that can live in the race support box truck out of the deal too (this was the main selling point for me to head down). After unloading it, everything was a disaster. I unloaded the truck and pretty much dumped everything wherever it could fit. I went out for dinner, then came back to tackle the first stage of cleanup. After cleanup, it's still an unusable shop ... but all the filing cabinets are empty. Once I label them and organize stuff into them, I should end up with most of the bay back in floor space!
  7. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Well, the s30 definitely won't be ready for the first hillclimb event (Ascutney) but we've been making brisk progress on it lately. This weekend we changed gears a little, and put some time into the race hauler instead of the race car. I had made the mistake of ordering a gasoline filler neck for it a few months ago, which doesn't accept the larger diesel fillers (I didn't know this until I stopped for a fillup). It's still held up by a bungee cord, but at least I don't have to remove the filler from the tube every time I want to fill the tank any more. Up next: The coolant system had a slow leak for awhile, but it recently became critical (which is why I parked it). We spent some time isolating the source of the leak, finding the right(ish) replacement hose, and breaking our fingers to get them to fit in place. Then we turned our attention to the interior. Ugh. Just ... It was disgusting. This used to be a roofing truck, so there's tar everywhere on it. Seats, in the box, all over the dash, steering wheel ... everywhere. The floor had some housing carpet pad with vinyl on top, and wasn't sealed. Everything smelled of mildew and sadness, and the whole truck just felt soggy. After tearing out the flooring, we found enough dirt to plant a garden. It may have been growing, for all I know. That channel above the rockers had around 6" of packed-in mud. After a lot of cleaning, wire wheeling, and some phosphoric acid, we threw a bit of primer & paint at it. I haven't decided what kind of long-term coating to put on it yet. I have a bunch of POR15 left over, but I don't know how well it'll hold up to this kind of environment. I'm open to any suggestions you folks might have. Everything's reassembled right now, and the next project will be finishing up the box itself (hopefully this week).
  8. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Week07 is live!
  9. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Some more materials arrived today, so I started building my new subframe mounts.
  10. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Production quality is getting better now, but we're still way behind the real-world timeframe. https://youtu.be/jFF3IIU7IA4
  11. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    I probably mentioned it somewhere way back there, but I'm using 240sx rear suspension. I have a few reasons for really liking the 240sx' rear suspension design. Parts are readily available Several limited slip differential options are affordable Multi-link suspension is very tuneable (at the expense of being more complex than other designs) It has a similar track width compared to the body and front suspension The entire subframe is modular, and can be removed as a single unit. I went with the s13 generation because it was available locally for $100 complete. The s14 generation has some very minor improvements, but not enough to justify additional time or money.
  12. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Continuing on that trend, I started welding in the pickups today. The front pickups for the rear subframe: The rear pickup (one of two) for the rear subframe: Every day, it's a little closer to rolling around on its own wheels.
  13. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    I decided that trying to make the front suspension happen by myself wasn't working, so today I switched to the rear subframe pickups. I'm really glad I did, that little change of focus solved my mental block, and I was glad to be back in the shop.
  14. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Progress has been slow this week, as I'm the only one in the shop and most of the work on the todo list requires two sets of hands. On the bright side, that frees me up to edit more video.