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    1200 shipped to California??? Compression test on cylinders ?
  2. Anybody has a busted 5 speeds trans for sale ( wide ratio ) . Local pick up prefer in solcal ( 626 - 714 and Victorville area) I need some parts from the counter shaft to rebuild mine. The best is if you busted just the gear itself then it will be great. If you have one already opened up, please show me some pic to be sure the part i want not busted or I end up with another 100 lbs junk in my garage. Thanks . PS: if you have one good use 5 speeds for cheap ( around 300) I will take it. Thanks again.
  3. I will take the flappy bird thingy if the other guy doesn't want it. Thanks.
  4. 280z voltage issues

    More likely alternator is dying. Mine was doing that before I replace alternator with 240sx alternator.
  5. Frame rail looked intact. Collision on rear driver side. Doors, hatch, hood open close no problem with consistence gap distance. Sound like i am a sale man but owner willing to lower but my wife didnt allow me to have another Z. And also i dont have parking in my condo to park all my toys.
  6. Just recently found a 75 280z car on CL locates in San Gabriel. I came in person to check it out. Paint is not in good condition. However, car have all stock and comes with a 5 speeds. I wouldn't let it go if I can find out a way to stack all my toys. Owner said he want to part out, but car have no rust, battery tray, rocker panel rear and front, rear wheel well, frame all in good condition ( tap with screw drive). Just a dent in the rear driver side. Car come with top G nose but lower haft no where to be found. has G nose HL pocket. Owner is nice guy and he said he can help with the tow too. Price = 1k and negotiable . Don't want this rare thing go to junk yard or part out . It is very rare to see a Z in this condition in San Gabriel area. Admin: if i post in wrong place please move my post. Thank you. PS: Car locates in Commercial ave, San Gabriel CA. Owner number : 661 877 8752.
  7. 5 speeds trans close ratio shipped to 91007 ( resident )? I do have commercial address too if it is cheaper to ship. Thanks.
  8. I would buy them in stamped steel. I have to always tell friends do not lean on my flare ( Fiber glass) , or it will crack.
  9. battery drain

    I could be wrong, how about antenna switch? Mine has a switch on pass side to control antenna up and down, and could drain battery if it shorted.
  10. I did check my ground. My alternator is dying. I can hear whining sound, using stethoscope I know it from the alternator not the engine.
  11. My 1975 have the same problems as yours. I could hear my pump change flow with the blinker , and died at stop light if I didn't rev the engine up enough.I have the 240sx 90 Amp alternator ready to swap in but my car is away from me at this moment, I will get it back next week and doing the swap and see if swapping new alternator will cure the problems.
  12. You need to cut and make a pig tail connection for the L wire. Here is the post from member in classiczcar:http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/electrical-s30/24161-240sx-alternator-swap.html
  13. I just take a look at this old post and believe 83 ZX is external voltage regulator. Hence , they said no wiring mod for the swap for 83ZX . so I take it as you already slice your VR then you can just bolt the 240sx one in there ( need pulley mod) http://www.zcarcreations.com/howto/voltreg.htm
  14. I am not quite sure but your Alt may not have internal regulator , correct me if I am wrong. I am going to swap the alt too but I will use 240sx 90AMP internal regulator. You can use a multimeter to test if your car current is in its range.