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  1. FWIW, I called and left a message at Lonewolf but have yet to get a return call.
  2. Thank a lot Tim... Now I have to spend money on porting. Ugh... : ) In all seriousness, Lonewolf looks like they are the "Easy Button" for porting. I'll probably pay more to ship them the parts.
  3. Each of you make a compelling argument for your turbine housing of choice. Thank you for taking the time to offer such thorough responses. It's great to be back on the forum and see everyone is still here. The design of the new Tial housing makes them very easy to change out so I can easily swap if I don't like the first housing. I have an OEM exhaust manifold so maybe the .63 is still the way to go. I have never had the .82 so I'm curious how it works with my set up. In the end it may come down to personal preference.
  4. Tony and Skirkland180, I didn't remember that Jeff was using a .63 until you reminded me. It almost defies physics that he gets that much power out of that housing. I have done a fair bit of research and most say above 450ish crank hp the .63 is too small. Of course Jeff has proven that wrong. My car tips over around 5800-6000 but pulls like a freight train to that RPM. My last trip to the drag strip netted an [email protected] with a 1.76 60ft on street tires so no slouch. I have an Isky cam that is only 480/490 lift with a 114 lobe center. I forget the duration. It should pull well past 6K but doesn't for some reason. My head is mildly ported and I have mandrel 3" exhaust. I'm going to give the new v-band Tial turbine housings a try in addition to a much improved wastegate and downpipe design. My hope is that the .82 won't hurt me too much on the bottom end and but solve my peak RPM issue. I may also install better valve springs. Mine aren't stock but I don't remember the spring rate.
  5. I decided on a .82. I am hoping the better designed housing, plumbing, turbo, and exhaust minimize the additional turbo lag...
  6. My dyno chart with the .63 drops off into the abyss after 6000 RPMs. I was never sure what the reason was.
  7. Interesting. I would have thought it would have been the other way around with the .63 being better for daily street driving.
  8. Thanks for the response! I'm hesitant to go to the .82 for the same reason you mentioned. I don't want that.....wait for it..... experience. The new turbo is a GTX3576R so far more efficient than old turbo. This plus having more displacement might spool acceptably with a .82 also with the benefit of more peak HP. It's a tough decision..
  9. Hi All, It's been a while since I've posted. I am going to get my Z back on the road but before I do I am going to upgrade the turbo. I currently run a .63 T3 turbine housing on my 3.0L L6 that got me to 455rwhp and 462rwtq. This was likely with a fair amount of back pressure but with decent spool. I prefer some boost before 3000 rpm. I'd really like some feedback from those of you running a .82 A/R turbine housing. Thank you! -John
  10. jgkurz

    Corbeau A4's in 280Z

    How'd this turn out? I also have a 77z and will follow your lead if all is well. -John
  11. jgkurz

    WTB: Polished L6 Turbo Valve Cover

    Thanks DK but I found a valve cover for sale locally. I appreciate the reply.
  12. jgkurz

    WTB: Polished L6 Turbo Valve Cover

    Thanks for the reply but I'm looking for a valve cover that is cleaned up and ready for install.
  13. I'm looking for a polished L6 turbo valve cover. Must be the 81-83 L28ET type and be a mirror finish. Does anyone know where I can buy one or who can perform this service?
  14. jgkurz

    WTB/WTT - for HAYASHI RACING:HRE 505's must be 15in.

    Just curious, why wouldn't you want 16"? I am able to get 245-45-16 on HRE 505's under my stock rear fenders. 17's would work but tire size would be much smaller. Finding used 505's will be difficult. HRE will make them new for you but you'll be close to 1500.00/wheel to have them built. I know because I called a while back.
  15. I just received payment. The GT35R is officially sold. Thank you for all your interest.