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  1. SENZA PARI intake manifold

    I must be one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately we did not do a before and after run.
  2. SENZA PARI intake manifold

    Well I tried posting some mpegs of 15-20 second sound bites but the files would not upload Casey got a bad rap and maybe some of it was deserved but I am more than happy. I tried posting pix on the thread of long ago but maybe it's locked down. Pix in my personal gallery if interested.
  3. IMG 3374

    SENZI PARI intake manifold. Car runs beautiful
  4. SENZA PARI intake manifold

    Works flawlessly
  5. IMG 2835

    Os Gikken clutch in place
  6. Authentic Sparco Milano 2 Alacantra seats

    I have a 5 speed borgwarner tranny in SJ. Cash for it.
  7. image

    1000 hp rated intercooler. Maybe a bit overkill. Lol
  8. Personally this is a nice ass wheel. I don't think you can go wrong with it and they obviously have many more options. Throw a 12 in the back if right offset with a deep dish look. Bad ass in my opinion J
  9. I doubt there was a special one off on the te-37 I have 275-40 on rear. 17". My .02 cent fwiw
  10. IMG 0399

    Running 275-17-40 Hoosiers on rear and 225/17/40s on front. Power steering, or shall I say power assist being added next week or two
  11. IMG 6119

    All chrome powder coated black Sorry pix are not in order. After years I downloaded off phone but they didn't go in order. I would hope one could figure out the before and afters of this build
  12. IMG 9676

    New Rebello 3.2 stroker.
  13. IMG 1395

    Paint booth
  14. IMG 6128 (1)

    October 2015. Back from paint