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  1. RB25DET S30 Performance Parts

    What BOV flange for the intercooler?
  2. Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges

    PMed, wanting to see if there is a 4th of July deal.
  3. Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges

    Do you think they will have another sale for the Fourth of July? I'm getting a set but can hold out of will yield a better discount.
  4. MS2 MSextra not firing up

    I can't get spark, I've verified wiring, continuity, 12v at the coils. The spark is random, making me thing the trigger signal is the cause. But I'm running shielded wiring, noise filtering and still no go. Does anyone know if there is a shop that specializes in megasquirt. I'm so frustrated at this point. I've been trying to get the car running for months. I even took it to a local shop that said they were "very familiar" with megasquirt only to pay 300 just for them to say they couldn't figure it out.
  5. MS2 MSextra not firing up

    Ps. If someone lives close to the Huntsville Alabama area, I'll give you a hefty sum if you get it up and running.
  6. MS2 MSextra not firing up

    Im beyond frustrated with trying to get my car started. I've done everything I can to try to get the car running, and nothing seems to work. Car ran fine on the MAF and OEM ECM, so timing is on the spot. I've been hitting the MSextra forums and I've got little help. Follow the link to catch up, I'll try anything at this point... Any help would be appreciated. Link has setup Logs and msq http://www.msextra.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=101&t=60341
  7. Had a set of these in my s2000. Good seats and yeah, replIcas weren't made of these since they were an older model.
  8. L6 turbo tube header

    In based on price, I can Prob get another 10 or so interested but would need a starting price point
  9. Bump, still waiting on part out if no one buys as a package deal!
  10. Some reason my pm is not going through, how much for the injector housings shipped?
  11. Noname's car art

    Do you just need a picture of the car in a specific environment, or do you improvise? Example, was the Jack and tire there in the original picture? That's amazing if you added it, very well done.
  12. 2x RARE TRUST/GReddy Turbo Manifold

    Any idea if the first manifold will clear LHD?