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  1. Thank you all for the info .
  2. hi every one , I have 280z model 77 . I want to install an ac and my question is , does the ac effect on the efficiency of the car ? are there any problems that I should avoid ? as you know the car is very old , it used to be driven without ac , and if I change that can the car be driven without any issues after installing ac system ? thanks
  3. 350z manifold

    hi every one , I have a question about 350z , what is the difference that made on 350z model from 2007 and above ? . im not sure correct me if im wrong , does the 2007 have 2 intake manifold ? and what it means by HR in VQ engine ?
  4. hi every one , I have a question what is the difference between 280zx turbo transmission and the non turbo ?
  5. hi every one , my question is what is the mean of 9000 of 10000 in 280zx rear diff ? is this an code or something or it has to do with horse power or maybe a size for clearance , I just want to know what that number means . thanks
  6. hi every one , my question is what is the mean of 1000 or 9000 rear axle ? , and what is the mean of ( two shifter ) ? thanks
  7. my 280z issue

    thank you WRc17 for the info , all make sure to check what you hove just told me , i appreciated
  8. my 280z issue

    thanks for the info
  9. my 280z issue

    no start , weak electrecity
  10. hi every one , i have 280z model 77 , the issue when i start the engine the gauge volt of the battery goes down and after that the engine wont start again , what seems to be the problem ?. i hope you could help me and solve this thing . thanks