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  1. I’ve got a valve cover

    1. zguy240


      I have a valve cover for sale [email protected], 818 298-2549.

  2. L28ET 2 grove balancer needed

    email sent
  3. LD28 Maxima diesel parts and L3N71B trans

    Willing to sell the valve cover?
  4. CONFIRMED L28 with RB25 Flywheel and 350Z Clutch

    BUMP! Just got a new run of spacers in, 3 have been sold, have 7 remaining before submitting the next order. $40 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Will also ship international for additional cost.
  5. It will be fine. i actually have a write up for the ZX, i also replied to your e-mail. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/122445-240sx-5-speed-swap-in-280zx/?hl=%2B240sx+%2Bspeed+%2B280zx I will have to update the pictures for this thread
  6. GM Wastespark with Stock L28 CAS

    Looking to get some information from others who have done the GM waste spark setup. I'm trying to figured out if I can use the stock 280zx CAS wheel to control GM waste spark, the kind off the 3400s with 1 coil for 2 cylinders, so I will be adding extra BIP373s for spark B and spark C. Can i use the 280zx CAS wheel, or do I need either a Z31 CAS wheel or the DIYautotune wheel? Trying to find the simplest solution possible. I'm running MS2e 3.2.3 firmware, only have 3 wires from the stock CAS going to the MS, it appears if I did the DIYautotune wheel i would have to run the 4th wire back to the MS unit. Any insight would be greatly appreciated
  7. WTB : 280zx Turbo CV Shafts

    Looking for a used set of turbo cv shafts, shipped to 76017 e-mail me @ [email protected], thanks
  8. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    Nice! My old setup was dished pistons with a N42 head, I couldn't get more than 9 degrees timing at full boost (18psi), so once i got up to 26 degrees on this p90 i started to get nervous lol, no knock from what I can hear, motor is still together haha. I'm gonna push the boost to 25psi with water/meth and see how much more timing I can get, probably at that point a dyno will benefit hugely, only so much you can do on a street tune.
  9. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    Just out of curiosity, how much timing advance are you running? I'm at 26 full advance, 18psi boost, ported, polised, deshrouded p90 with dished pistons.
  10. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    Yea there is enough information within this thread for anyone toying the idea, anyone halfway competent with a drill and taps should be able to tackle this fairly easily. I might talk my buddy into doing this mod on his 240z turbo, if he does, i'll do a timing map before and after and see if it made any significant threshold increase.
  11. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    For what it's worth, If anyone is uncomfortable drilling into their own head without proper measurements, and would like something as bolt in as possible, I have a spare junk cylinder head I can use to mock up and sort of produce these in small numbers if there is any interest. I could make a drilling template to tape to the head, provide a drilled and tapped rail and fittings, all you would have to do is drill the holes in the head, tap them, and put everything together.
  12. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    Good point. I'm just happy to have this money pit running after 3 months down lol. I will more than likely make such a revision down the line
  13. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    read through the first few pages of this thread and see if your application applies. I do alot of highway running with mine, hard highway running, it's not my daily, so when it's being used, its being abused. I saw it as a necessary modification, I also plan on using water/meth, running more boost and more timing, i figured for the cost factor it was a cheap investment. Are you going to be running carbs or megasquirt? You could see how much timing you can give it before you get spark knock, then do this mod, and see if it increases your threshold. I would imagine it would.
  14. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    Yes it would be relatively easy to make on your own for anyone who would like to try this. you would obviously need a decent drill bit set, 1/4" NPT and a 1/8" NPT tap. 5 1/8"NPT to 3/8" barb fittings, a few pipe plugs, 4 1/4"npt to 1/8"npt adapter bushings, and 2 straight 1/8"npt to 3/8" barb fittings. From there, pipe thread sealant, EFI hose clamps and bulk hose I may also explore the idea of a higher pressure cap as some have done in this thread.
  15. Head cooling on cylinder #5 - solutions?

    it's what i had in bulk at home, been using it for years with cooling system hoses, no issues. technically i said it seems to be doing it's job lol. in that aspect, coolant is consistently flowing into the rail and exiting to the t-stat housing. However, I do not have any dyno sheet to prove before and after results. I've ran 18psi consistently on my old N42 setup, but could never get more than 9 degrees max advance under full load with 93 pump gas before i would experience light spark knock. I'm sure a lot has to do with the fact that this is a p90 head with a better combustion chamber design for boost, also lower compression, and on top of that, i've lost about 3-4ccs per combustion chamber from the valve de-shroud, so according to my calculations, i should be around the 7:1 compression range. Given that i've read all 25 pages of this thread, in theory, it should make a noticeable difference compared to not doing this mod at all. Also, setting this entire thing up cost me under $50, so it was really just time, figured I would give it a try and see how it works out.