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  1. MSA Type 2 Bumpers and Sideskirts

    Trying to get a price on these exterior parts. They have never been used, just stored in the garage. The whole MSA body kit goes for roughly $600, but I'm missing the tail so I'm thinking $400 would be a reasonable price. You guys let me know.
  2. Swedish 240z journey begins

    Nice 240z Erik!! Keep us updated.
  3. Z owner from Wisconsin

    Goal for the 280z right now is to swap the l28e from yellow 280 to maroon 280 shell. Not my ultimate goal but it's a start.
  4. Z owner from Wisconsin

    I will take pictures of the Z ASAP when I'm at my other location, but for now here's my RX7 and brothers 1977 Celica Liftback!!
  5. Z owner from Wisconsin

    Hello guys, I'm an Z owner from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently working on a project 280z.