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  1. Looking for one of the smaller gauge pods. Wanting the pod in the front and the case in the case in the back, as well as the mounting bracket. Don't need the actual gauge parts, will be stripping them out anyway to make room for aftermarket gauges. Looking for what is pictured below, which is out of a '71. I don't know if later years are different.
  2. Sounds like fun. And yet more LSx S30's in Norcal.
  3. I ran my cold air intake tubing on the passenger side, so that I'll still have fresh air on my side. What the passenger doesn't know, wont hurt 'em.
  4. Seems like there would be a lot more spring, dampener and brake options
  5. How do you mean to beef up the front mounts?
  6. Yes, they are really nice. I had a set, but sold them as they weren't wide enough.
  7. Has anybody tried these flares yet? These look like the same as the ones as the that Japan Garage was selling, but since they are no longer, I need a new source. http://www.fiberglassmafia.com/store/p9/Wide_ZG_Fender_Flares.html
  8. Wish I had more of an update, but really its just been a while since I updated. Big restore, again, on the vintage trailer in the avatar after major rains cropped up new leaks. So that took all of my free time, and some of my not so free time. But I've been working on the wiring harness. I bought a harness from Rolling Thunder, but after fitting it, I realized I needed to move quite a few things around. AC wire on the wrong side, IAT and MAF on the wrong side, Relay center had like a 4' cable on it, but need to cut about 30" off of it. So now its a big pile of spaghetti on the work bench. Ordered fans a shroud for my Champion radiator. Wow, was that kit really a kit. No mounting holes for the fans, no instructions, no bolts or screws. Not too hard to figure out, but would have been pretty easy for them to put a simple instruction sheet together too. decided to go a with a Braille battery. Didn't have a battery tray anymore after rust repairs, and though the firewall mounted battery would work out well. Had to make a 1/4" plate to mount on the firewall, to space the battery away from those indents on the firewall. Pics below. Started restoration of my dashboard. Didn't want to get too far without the new gauges though. So got those ordered and they took a long time, then arrived in the wrong color. Vendor made a mistake, owned up and is taking care of it but it'll be another wait to get those back. And I just read that Japan Garage went out of business. Now I need to find another source for wide ZG flares. So lots of starts and stops, but no completed tasks just yet. I need to focus on one task at a time, before I get overwhelmed. I'm going to try to concentrate on the harness, and likely roll into the body harness from there. Just need to cut the larger hole through the radiator support for the intake tubing, so I can be sure I'm getting the MAF and IAT harness wires to the right locations.
  9. I don't know about import duties and such, but $260 for shipping seems steep. Is that wheel much different than this? https://www.18racing.com/collections/rkr/products/copy-of-rkr-1590-4x100-0-67-1-magnesium-black
  10. Did you use rubber or silicone tubing? Any issue drilling the hole? I have ordered an 18mm drill bit, and will try a test fit hole in the hard pipe, as I have a grommet for the sensor, but test holes I did with 11/16 (too small) and 3/4 holes (too big) looked a little rough, and the grommet looked odd on the round pipe. I saw someone who had sections of pipe with bungs welded in, but can't find it now.
  11. Just wondering where you're putting your intake air temp sensor, and more importantly, how your mounting it?
  12. I have a new set of end links that I don't need. They came with a ST front sway bar, but my LCA's have built in end links, so I didn't need these. Make an offer before they disappear into the abyss known as my spare parts storage.
  13. I have this brand new, never used rear sway bar kit for the early S30. I bought the complete front and rear set, but it turned out the rear doesn't work with my R230 rear end swap. This is a complete kit, with brand new poly bushings, end links and suspension uprights. All the bolts are there too, as well as pretty good instructions. $125 and I'll split the shipping with you.
  14. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/rear-coilover-conversion-datsun-240z-260z-and-280z Here is the link for the TTT rear conversion. It may be showing he picture of the fronts, but the description is of the back.