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  1. So my cousin just pulled his turbo ecotec out of a buggy project of his and dropped a ls crate engine in it..some reason he called me up and asked if I had any use for it..well not having much luck finding an adapter plate so figured I'd ask here. Anyone seen an Ecotec to datsun z bellhousing adapter system? Figured I may throw this system in for shits and grins until I get my original build put together. Or I just may leave it and buy another z to make into what I had planned before. Bit of a stupid question but figured I'd give it a shot. lol
  2. Wtb holley manifold and extras.

    So. My turbo setup is taking a lot more money and giving me more hell to deal with. Until I can put that time into it I'd rather have the car running. I'm needing a holley intake manifold and throttle cable/linkage setup. I have the carb I just need the rest. If someone's got a good header setup to make a package deal I'd be interested in that to. All help appreciated! Thanks
  3. We're not in Kansas Anymore build

    This car wouldn't haopen to have been up for sale on Craigslist before would it? From the south east Kansas area and it looks familiar for some reason..cool build!
  4. turbo rebuild kits. need some advice on a good kit

    That's what I'm also starting to think also. Some are listing prices for around a couple hundred give or take and go through everything you mentioned. My only other issue is if they will work on mine or not..it's a but different than others but still makes boost the same way. Lol
  5. Alright so forever ago I got lucky and got ahold of a cartech holley 4 barrel turbo system for the l series. Finally after getting some other parts together Id like to get around to install it and make things work but of course want to do things right. Now the turbo isnt bad. Dosent have any wiggle play or crap to it but it has a hard time spinning freely. Im going to pull it apart. Clean some of the crap thats been sitting in it and freshen it up so it can be ready for some reliable run time. Anyone know a good kit for this rayjay t3/t4 turbo to fix it up some? Not to concerned on price. Focused on quality and manufacturers customer service if I have problems. Thanks!
  6. 240z L28et Build

    ^yep but when you want to have fun proving it can be done. This guy knocks it out of the park. Good on ya guy!
  7. The new Orleans blue dog build

    Small barb on the intake should be for vaccum advance. You can use either that or the barb off the carb for the advance. Whatever one you dont use though needs to be capped. Honestly if it were me I'd plug the carb vacuum ports and just use the manifold. Anyway. Back one is yes for booster and the middle is for coolant. One is in the other is out of course. Dosent matter how you have it set but whatever one is in runs from the thermostat housing and the other wraps around the back to where the heater hoses plug in. Any other pipes or hoses and just gut out. Just need the hose from thermostat to intake then intake to passenger side of block. Just curious...hope you got a returnless style FPR? Just helps with hooking up fuel system since the holley just has the one intake flow barb. Having it deadhead to the carb and not having a return somehow had my carb always gushing with fuel. I tried just running a T fitting between the regulator and carb to help and that still didnt work so Im just going to get the return style regulator and try to clean up the mess of hoses. Hope some of this info helps! Got any more questions ask! My cartech turbo system goes over the same deals as all the holley conversion intakes. Ill help with what I can.
  8. Head gasket clarification

    Figured id rather be safe than sorry with the draw through turbo system going in. Yes in the build I want I'd love for it to be cheap but I need it to be reliable so cheap isnt always the way to go. Rather do it right the first time.
  9. Head gasket clarification

    http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic12a18/10-2455 link for one I was looking into.
  10. Head gasket clarification

    Alright..so just to clarify (since it's apparently difficult to get it from manufacturers) I'm wanting to throw a MLS head gasket in my l26 during the top end rebuild. Only one I'm able to find though (and manufacturers state) is for the l28. Some say will work with all 3 (l24, l26, l28) but give no selection between the 3. Just don't want to throw wrong parts together. Anyone clear this mess up? Thanks
  11. Cpl 4bbl ?s

    Sorry to say but it's highly not recommended...carbs operate around 5-7 psi. Having a pump feed it (even to a return style regulator) just won't work right..in theory it could but the regulator was built for low pressure and I don't think a high pressure you can turn down past 10psi. Only thing I can think of is if you go with the tbi efi conversion carb that's out there but that's a $2000 system and lowest cfm is 600 last I saw. If you really want to build a reliable system the pump and regulator is going to have to be replaced. Sorry man hate giving bad news but also don't want to see ya have to throw more money because something failed. Good luck to ya and of course feel free to ask any other questions!
  12. is water injection necessary?

    For a turbo Tom setup (holley 4 barrel turbo system) using an intercooler was a little difficult since the system was what's called a "draw through" system instead of the usual "blow through" meaning the intake side of the turbo is after the carb which is drawing in air/fuel mix instead of just air. Fuel helps to cool the intake charge but since it's butted up right next to the turbo you can't get an intercooler in there. So having a water/methanol system in that kind of kit helps to reduce heat and push the boost you can run. Just don't run out of water with this and no problems! Lol
  13. top end friction reduction ideas.

    Been doing my usual research and figured I'd try digging back in to seeing if anyone nowadays has made or built anything new for our motors that frees up power in the top end. Tried going back after roller cam and rocker setups but that was a dead end. Heard Tony d mention a devas system if I remember correctly? Couldn't find any more info on that..I'm wanting to see if anyone knows any new info since last time I tried it all ended in dead ends. Or people throwing a fit over why any of us stick with the inline 6 and not upgrade..I like the engine they came with and it's what I feel like building on with what I have. Just like to know more cool stuff for these. Thanks all!
  14. GM 3800 s/c Zcar

    Any updates? I know for something like this guy's in Camaros are taking the s/c 3.8 and selling the s/c stuff off of it and putting on a guys turbo setup to overcome the intake issue and also not have to rebuild an n/a motor to handle the 12+ psi of boost getting tossed at these things. Watching the v6 maro hold up if not beat lightly built v8s. Throwing that monster in a 240 would be a scary car to run against..
  15. So I've been digging around to find this and I'm lost as all hell. I know some places have bellhousing conversions to fit to the datsun l series motors but trying to find who all knows specifics. What transmissions can fit these other than the datsun 5 speeds? Possibly the 5 speed out of a z32 300zx? Thanks for the insight!