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  1. Wilwood Rear Handbrake Kit

    The tabs (brackets) attach to the plates with supplied 10mm screws, to anchor the cable ends... about like so:
  2. This was a group buy back in '08, done by member Woza01, in Australia. This set up allows Z's with Wilwood rear disc brakes to add Wilwood E-brake calipers like these: http://www.jegs.com/p/Wilwood/Wilwood-Mechanical-Parking-Brake-Spot-Calipers/757779/10002/-1 The exchange rate back then resulted in a cost close to $400, including shipping from the Land way Under. Here's the original thread: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/71799-wilwood-rear-handbrake-e-brake-kits/ It's an impressive kit, looks a bit over engineered to me. Never got around to installing it, and now I've sold my car. $200 shipped. Grudgingly using PayPal. PM or [email protected]
  3. 280Z Hubs

  4. 280Z Hubs

    280 bare hubs. Don't know their history, bought them from a member years ago but never used 'em. Very good condition. Ships from 44122, and will weigh about 15 lbs.. $60 plus shipping (Fedex), enriching PayPal.
  5. For those of you ready to join this forum, but were waiting for a member, with WAY too much time on his hands, to post a wacked out list, then this is your lucky day! First, for you Canucks, just add an "eh" to everything, like this = its-a-Z-eh, or like this = two4teeZ-eh Totally240 / Zspeak / 2-4-T-Z / BecauseZcar / Dotsun / Zlocity, Zelocity / 2fortyZ / Datzoom / S30sRule Z-licious, Zelicious / oohdat / Z-nith / Dat-Sun-Of-A-Gun / ZsRock/ Zing / RumpetyZ / ZanyZ / On these next ones, use a Jamaican inflection. Z-car-mon / Zmon / Its-a-Z-mon / or German/Jamaican = Dots-A-Z-mon I've had fun with this today, a nice break from my Sudoku. BTW, I have no idea if any of these are taken.... rather doubt it. Steve
  6. Low Cost Rotisserie

    Hey, toolman, you beat me to it. But thanks, I wasn't 100% sure it would work. Here's my version: Like you say, cheap, and easily knocked down. Steve
  7. Sorry, WindyCityZnut, a member beat you to the bezel. EVERYTHING SOLD! Thanks guy's!!
  8. Joel, you're quite the gentleman, thanks for covering the Paypal charges. I'll ship today.
  9. This stuff came with a '73, and it's all new except for the roof emblems. I believe everything is still available from Nissan. For most of it, I'm asking 1/2 of Nissan's current retail price. Shipping in USPS small flat rate boxes @ $6.80. Reluctantly enriching Paypal. Hood Emblem #65810 E4601 New $44, sell for $22 SOLD Roof Emblems -USED- Nice condition $40 for the pair SOLD Rear Strut Caps #74986 E4100 $57 ea. new, $57 for the pair SOLD Grip, Door, Inside #80950 E4100 $44.87 new, sell for $23 SOLD Door Bezel #80512 E4100 was $15.18 new, sell for $15 Just found these are NLA SOLD
  10. Ecoboost swap

    I think an Ecoboost would rock, great idea! My daily is a Fiesta ST, and my '73 Z is LS powered. The LS2 makes 400 horses and 400 torques. The ST is about half that, at 200 & 200. The ST weighs about 2750 and my Z, I'm guessing, is around 300 lbs. less porky. So yeah, a Z with just a stock ST, 1600cc Turbo would make for a very fun ride. A 4 cyl Eco turbo in a Z would add lightness and be the recipe for good handling. You'll have to get the suspension sorted really well too, in order to have a chance of beating your ST around a corner. Go for it Johnbian, blaze new trails, go where no one has gone before, you'll end up with a unique, fun car. I'd go that route if I had it to do over. Steve
  11. Swedish 240z journey begins

    Welcome! Good find! Can't be too many Z's there, you'll have a very cool, rare ride. Enjoy it!
  12. Running a Tilton 75 Series, 3/4" master per their recommendation, for my LS2 w/ stock clutch. Earl's braided line.
  13. WTB S30 Pedal Box (2 pedal, clutch type)

    Thanks to az240z, I've got a pedal box coming.