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  1. ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

    Looks great man! Can I ask what mirrors you have on there? They look like Vitaloni Baby Turbo's with a CF wrap on them? Also how is the visibility with the mirrors?
  2. Message Naptown Dave. He should have a set for you.
  3. Wtb 280z ignition switch / assembly

    Did you send them to [email protected]? I haven't received any pictures from you at all. But either way I already purchasd what I needed from another forum member that was parting out his z. So can a mod please close this thread. Thanks!
  4. 76 280z 2+2 Part Out

    you've got pm!
  5. Wtb 280z ignition switch / assembly

    Sent you a pm zentech!
  6. Guys I'm in need of a ignition switch for my 78 280z. Looking to replace the whole assembly if at all possible. I'm not 100% sure whether or not the assemblies are compatable between all s30's. If anyone knows if they are please let me know! Thanks!
  7. 240Z Part Out - What do you need?

    You've got a pm!
  8. 280z Lock set. (doors/ hatch)

    If Sunny doesn't take them, I'll take the set as long as the come with keys.
  9. Parting two 280z's

    I'm looking for drivers side outside and inside door handles hopefully with all the hardware necessary as well. Thanks!
  10. S30 safety

    Thank you everyone for your posts, I understand that an older vehicle may not have the certain aspects that new vehicles have acquired over time. I appreciate everyone who has shared their stories with me and has give me a firmer understanding of the Z. I actually have a daily driver G35 coupe that I've done some mods on, which may remain a DD until the Z is up to par. I've driven sports cars all of my life and understand the dangers, so the Z doesn't scare me. It mostly scares the fiance.
  11. S30 safety

    Hi guys, new to the forum. I've been on the lookout for a s30 for some time now. I recently found a 78 280z that hasn't ran in about 10 years. I'm hoping to buy the car and turn it into a project / daily driver. One main concern than my fiancé and I have is the safety of the vehicle once we're able to get it on the road. So my question to you guys is in the event of an accident how likely are we to survive in these cars? I'm mainly looking for personal experiences from owners. Any information would help! Thanks!!!