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  1. Turbo E320

    Mercedes Benz M104 engine for the 240Z

    The code for the 16v transmissions is 717.404 All of Mercedes manual gearboxes are 717.xxx and their auto's are 722.xxx Here is a 300E with one Needless to say he discovered the power limit lol
  2. Turbo E320

    Mercedes Benz M104 engine for the 240Z

    They can't take ♥♥♥♥ lol. Get a 5speed Getrag(its a dog leg style tranny ) out of a 190e 16v or the 5 speed from the 190e 2.6. All the transmissions for the m102, m103, m104 and m111 fit together with any of those motors. The Getrag is good for 500 ft lbs of torque till it starts to break up, the 2.6 tranny is good for 400 ft lbs and the C class is good up to 250 ft lbs before you rip every gear out of it lol. I just noticed you live in Indiana. Whereabouts in Indiana because I'm here in Jeff. EDIT: If your looking for automatic stuff you can mix and match transmissions to get basically a race transmission. You'll need the 722.6 out of the 97 E320 since it is the only version of the 722.6 that fits the m104. Then you need to get your hands on a 722.6 from an SL600 or an SLR lol. You ultize the valve body, gears and bell housing from the 97 and, in a nut shell, you use the case, clutch retainers, clutch packs, and shift solenoids from the SL600 transmission. Consquently I have both . Another option if you don't want to mess with electronic transmissions is to get the 722.3 four speed auto out of a 300E or pre-95 E320. There are several people who make racing grade parts for those transmissions as well.
  3. Turbo E320

    Mercedes Benz M104 engine for the 240Z

    Hey sorry for the late bump but I recognize that motor . I think you and I talked. If you want to solve your stroke problems, get C36 rods since the C36 has the same crank as a 350SD. That's an interesting way to make a 3.2L with the first gen m104. Very cool. Here's my 97 M104
  4. Turbo E320

    I found a whale tail

    I was born and it slowly rusted to death by the time i was 8 We used to be screwed financially so he never had time to fix the rust and when he had to means to fix it, it was too far gone so he took off all the parts and left the rusted shell in Marshalls junkyard.....then a year ago i bought a 240z roller and put it in the front yard at night. lol you should have seen his face.
  5. Turbo E320

    I found a whale tail

    Thanks man, I remember this thing used to make my dads 240z look like a race car. His 240 was dropped real low, had fiberglass fenders front and rear, low key race car like interior, the whale tail, Holley 4 barrel on a special liquid cooled manifold and a straight exhaust. He never got to painting the panels because i was born so it was white on all the fenders and on the front and rear bumpers and blue everyhwere else.
  6. Turbo E320

    I found a whale tail

  7. Turbo E320

    I found a whale tail

    Diggin through the barn and i found some of my dads old 240z parts. The coolest thing i found though was a whale tail. I remember it used to be on my dads 240z and it looked just like the old 280z race car whale tail. Ill post pictures when i bring it back to the man cave, but man it brings back some awesome memories. This thing is still huge, just like it used to be when i was 3 lol.
  8. This is my first thread/post and although i have an old fiberglassed and wailtailed 240z at the farm it is not the problem for once! My DD is a 1997 mercedes e320 i picked up in ohio. The mercedes pricks *ahem* members on various forums like to spend more time flaming then giving me straight responses. This Hy is going on that mercedes. Now that your throughly bored heres the turbo dilemma. I have a 2002 Hy35, 10cm^2 turbine, sexiest compressor housing ever, and no oil gear . For the life of me i cant find any solid info on these fittings, even the dodge guys were puzzled. Apparently this hy was only made for a year? Great.... Questions: 1. What size are the threads on the feed side? 2. Where can i get a 10+ AN drain plate that fits the drain side? From all the hy35 z's out there i figured a small population might hang out here so please forgive my intrusion. In case you were even remotely interested, heres the old pic of the turbo the day i got it.