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  1. There is 4 bleeders on each caliper. 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. You are only suppose to bleed from the tops. Also I believe you are suppose to bleed from the outside in when it comes to the 2 bleeders on top. Also start with the caliper furthest from the master ( right rear). Hopefully that answers your question. Thanks
  2. Pedal throw feels alright, still haven't tried bleeding it again. I thought I might need a new master, I emailed gabe back and forth and he said it wouldn't be needed, but I really want do another thorough bleeding and get some drive time on it. Thanks for all the info if there is anything you guys want me to check I will be working on it tomorrow!
  3. I believe it is just the stock 280z master along with the stock booster.
  4. Alright so I installed the big brake kits front and rear from t3 and they fit and look beautiful!!! E-brake function works perfect! Only problem im having is that my pedal goes to the floor on the first push and then gets pressure on the second and so on. I think i still migh have air in the system, so i will rebleed the master and all four corners. When the brakes did grab they felt amazing haha. I have absolutely zero clearance issues. I took some pictures with the wheels on: These are xxr 531's 16x9 with 0 offset
  5. jschiff_g8

    Suspension Setup with pics

    Sorry, wheel offset is 0. Thanks!
  6. Hey im bored, so here are some pics of my current project. T3 Coilovers, XXR 531's 16x9, 245/45r16 Toyo Proxes TR1 all the way around, Rear fenders rolled. Enjoy