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  1. New topstage z kit

    I think I should have the molds made by October, it's a long process when I only have time on the weekends.
  2. New topstage z kit

    Got that covered, going to build a front sub frame assy for the whole front clip that mounts onto four points to the main tube frame chassis . Thanks
  3. New topstage z kit

  4. New topstage z kit

    Hi grannyknot If topstage won't sell you their body kit, maybe I will, shipping will be much cheaper
  5. Suspension

  6. IMG 0215

    From the album Suspension

  7. IMG 0214

    From the album Suspension

  8. IMG 0213

    From the album Suspension

  9. IMG 0212

    From the album Suspension

  10. IMG 0211

    From the album Suspension

  11. IMG 0210

    From the album Suspension

  12. IMG 0209

    From the album Suspension

  13. My Dream LS7GTZ.......project underway

    What happened to this build
  14. Honda S2000 suspension

    Anyone is interested in the build? I have everything you need to do it.
  15. Rb26 to Jerico bell housing

    Bluenissan6 That is exactly what I need, where did you get that made and what was the cost, is that a sequential gear shifter?