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  1. securedownload

    That a nice color!
  2. ltrearqt

    mine also had alot of bondo there
  3. motor

    From the album My 76' Z project

  4. My 76' Z project

    This is how I been working on my Z
  5. z

    From the album My 76' Z project

  6. z

    From the album My 76' Z project

  7. ohh thanks for the advice... a friend told me it would be a good idea im bearly starting in the strip... but i want it to be street and track.. would you still recommend me that Ford diff?
  8. i have a 350 sbc in my Z and i want to know if someone here has an S10 differential and how it was installed.. i want to do the same to my car
  9. if you have them pm please...
  10. do you mean rear shock mounts?
  11. are the rear shock/strut mounts in good condition?? i been having trouble finding them...
  12. Lets see your V8 in your Z.

    here's mine lol... mine will look like yours soon im taking it to the upholstery tomorrow for a whole new interior...
  13. mike 72 240z project

    this is how it is now ...
  14. mike 72 240z project

    this are the pictures that i took after i installed the v8 the car still looked rusty and in bad conditions.. thats the first day that my friends and i stated to work on it.. the old man with the oily clothe is a carburator master lol he knows everything bout carburated engines.. i've learned alot from him...
  15. mike 72 240z project

    I had a 3000gt 91 and i traded it for a 280z 76 i will never regret that lol.. im abot to be 24yo this december. this is my first project car and i really enjoy working on it... the Z is now running .. i have pics when i fist took it to my back yard the first thing i said was i want to make it a v8!! lol.. i live in the border of texas and coahuila mexico, i have the car in mexico when i drive it everybody stares at me and that makes me feel bad ass lol.. my Z is the only one that runs in this town of piedras negras, coahuila, theres like 3 more but they're not running...