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    After 8 months and more money than I want to think about "IT'S ALIVE". With a stock 45k LS1 (Camaro) and a fresh 4L65W automatic it's hard to get the grin off my face every time I drive it. The Borla exhaust sounds sweet but with the electric cutout I'm just a push button away from getting rowdy. The interior looks stock down to the radio and Datsun auto console with stock shifter. Only thing left to do is putting a new ac compressor , dryer and hoses on and it will be 100 % functional. The conversion kit is JCI and the PCM is from PSI CONVERSIONS. It's got an aggressive street tune that's perfect for the setup I have.
  2. Almost finished with my78 Z/LS1 swap. The only thing left is hooking up the tach. I sent it off and had it recalibrated and now ready to hook up the white wire from the new computer to the old tach. My only problem is that I can't find a schematic that shows the color of the old signal wire on the tach so I can replace it with the new signal wire(white). I believe there's about 8 wires going to the tach, so if anyone knows what color the old signal wire is, I would really appreciate you letting me know. I found an article online describing two green wires coming off the coil but I'm not sure it's for my year car. Please help!
  3. Hi, I'm just finishing my 78Z LS1 swap and need to finish last details. The visors on my car need replacement due to the mounting hardware being corroded. Do you know if your visors will fit on my 78z? If they will fit I'll be happy to buy them. I live a few hundred miles from you right outside New Orleans. Thanks, Logan
  4. Would love to have the exhaust. I have a 78 Z with a 99 LS1 5.7 and a 4L60E auto. The only thing left is the exhaust. I bought a set of headers from JCI but don't like them. There's only one problem, I live outside New Orleans in Slidell LA. and have a bad back so driving there is a non starter for me but if it can be shipped I'll buy it. Thanks
  5. PRICE REDUCTION !!! I am selling my original (not rebuilt) engine and 5 speed transmission with 87k original miles. Before I decided to go with a LS 1 I had my mechanic pull the factory clutch and replace it with a Japanese replacement. The flywheel was only cut two thousandths to mate the new clutch assy. I also had a short throw shifter (new) installed. All accessories are included, A/C, ALTERNATOR , MASS FLOWMETER, STARTER, ECT. The only thing I don't have is the factory fan because it already had the electric fans when I bought the car. Everything was pulled 11/13 and was working well when pulled out. I'm asking 700.00 for everything. Local pickup only. Slidell La. PRICE REDUCED $500.00 LAST REDUCTION 250.00 Hate to do it but if it doesn't sell in two weeks I'll junk it.
  6. I need a limited slip dif. for my 78 z LS1 car. Engine is running great and the 4L60e automatic is ready for the new driveshaft to be ordered from JCI next week. I'm not a mechanic and want to make sure differential is exactly the same as far as exterior size is concerned before I order the driveshaft. I'm looking for the best condition part I can find.
  7. LS1 5.7 The journey begins

    You are right plata, a picture is worth a thousand words. Although I know nothing about loading pictures and very little about how to use this site, I did start an album with a meager 5 pictures. Hopefully as I add more it will become easier and I can keep the project up to date visually. I titled the album " THE JOURNEY BEGINS" but I have to learn how to add pics to topics ect. Any advise on how to do it will be appreciated so hopefully my thread will not remain WORTHLESS.

  9. LS1 5.7 The journey begins

    UPDATE! The LS1 and 4L60E is all bolted down into the beautiful engine bay that was restored and looks factory fresh. When I stopped by the shop this morning, the guys had the 4 core radiator back in with the fans back on. They had the new, modified ECM and new wiring harness laid out and ready to be installed. They still have to separate the old harness and reuse a few of the old wires for the starter, A/C ect. I told them I was very anxious to hear the engine fire up since I bought it used with 40k miles on it and they told me not to worry. They said it spun freely and had good compression and from the looks of the heads, ect. they were pretty sure the miles were right. Their going to install the new fuel pump and controller and get the new fuel line hooked up and said it would be ready to fire up before the New Year. Although I'm 60 now and have had over a hundred cars in my life, most of them performance cars, I feel like I'm 14 again when I bought my first car in Salem VA. It was a 56 chevy with a 283 out of a vette as I remember with a three speed on the floor and 4.11 posi. What a car. Bought it for 250 hard to come by dollars from an old lady on a farm. Although it was over 45 years ago, that old feeling of excitement is coming back. My mechanic has dozens of pictures that I'll post once it's back home, can't wait.

    I just dropped a LS1 with a 4L60E AUTOMATIC in my 78 280. The Z was a 5 speed and I want to keep the interior looking bone stock. From what I've read you can use the factory automatic setup with some minor modification on the 4L60E trans. I will need the shifter, indicator, base plate and linkage. My Z has a very nice interior so not interested in cracked or damaged parts but if yours is in good to very good condition I am interested. How much including shipping to LA. THANKS

    I'm installing a LS1 w/4l60e automatic. Currently have a 5 speed. Would like to keep interior stock so I need a black automatic console with shifter and linkage. I'm in LA. near New Orleans. Thanks
  12. Parting two 280z's

    I'm looking for a console with automatic, shifter and linkage for my 78 280 with new LS1 and 4l60e trans.
  13. LS1 5.7 The journey begins

    I went to the Hawks site but all I saw was f body stuff, nothing for a 280 conversion. Am I missing something?
  14. Well, my 78 is in the body shop getting the engine compartment blasted and painted to match the rest of the new gold paint on the car. Bought a 99 Z28 LS1 5.7 with 43k miles with a 4L60E trans on ebay just a few hours away. The setup comes with the original ecm with harness and a brand new ecm with everything deleted that I need along with a new harness with stand alone fuse block. Also comes with a set of headers for the Z28 that I can sell on ebay for 50 bucks or so. Got my JCI order sheet all filled out and ready to send in and I'm hoping she will be all back together before XMAS. I've got a good local shop that has done many LS 1,2,3,swaps. I'm taking the trailer Tues to pick up the parts. This is a great site for info and will post pics as the work progresses

    Does anyone know of a shop in the southeast that specializes in Z v8 swaps? I have a 78 280 5 speed that had the engine compartment completely stripped over the weekend and was taken to the body shop yesterday for cleaning and painting. Thinking about going with a 92-93 corvette LT1swap. LS engines are a little pricey and 300 HP is enough for me. I have a 10k budget but would like to spend about half that if possible. I'm on the northshore of New Orleans.