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  1. Hi everyone. I bought a set of 7mgte injectors and I am in need of a set of clips for them. If anyone has a set of clips that will work it would be much appreciated!
  2. Toyota MK3 Supra Turbo Injectors for sale

    If the previous sale falls through I will take these. PM me paypal details if that happens. Thanks!
  3. I'll take the 11mm o-ring fuel rail. Pm me paypal details
  4. Pallnet Fuel Rail

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that I'm looking for an O-ring fuel rail. Thanks for the offer though!
  5. Pallnet Fuel Rail

    I'm looking to buy an aftermarket O-ring fuel rail for my l28et. If you have injectors for the rail I may be interested in those as well. Thanks!
  6. Are you using a fast idle solenoid on your car? Or a PWM idle valve? This will change the instructions I have below If you are not using either of these valves, then you can use the FIDLE output on the relay board. You would have to look at the relay board manual here and install a jumper to make the FIDLE relay on the relay board provide 12V just like you are expecting in the wiring you mentioned (86>>Ground, and 85>> somewhere on the Megasquirt relay board). You can then wire pin 85 to the FIDLE terminal on the relay board. Then in tunerstudio you will program the FIDLE output to come on at your desired temperature
  7. Delphi 42# Injectors

    Hey guys. I just bought a set of Delphi 42# injectors to begin upgrading the fuel system on my 1982 280zxt. I was wondering what size fuel rail I needed to get? Seems like 14mm is what I am looking for Also, I've been doing some searching and it looks like there may be a problem mounting the Delphi injectors to the stock intake manifold. Does anyone know if these injectors will work without modification? Thanks everyone
  8. I couldn't find a stock tune for the l28et using MSExtra code anywhere in the code sharing sticky. Does anyone have a stock tune for the l28et? Running up to 14 psi? Im set up to use 6 ls coils in a wasted spark configuration by the way.
  9. Car wont start/way too rich

    Another update: The car is now running properly again. I took the AFM apart and found that the contacts slipped and were rotated far enough counter-clockwise that at full open, they didn't contact the resistor part anymore. When the flap was fully closed the contacts were about 1/4 inch too far rotated and this is what caused the rich situation across the map. It simulated a faulty CHTS almost perfectly. I also tightened the toothed wheel 3 teeth (clockwise)
  10. Car wont start/way too rich

    Yea I'm clueless. Everything points towards a bad CHTS but the ECU connector reads the same resistance as the sensor and the resistance is within spec. When the AFM is tested the potentiometer is supposed to sweep from high resistance to low resistance?
  11. Car wont start/way too rich

    Its been a gradual issue that suddenly got this bad. I just took the car on a 4 hour drive and at cruising speeds the AFR was a perfect 14.7. When the vacuum got to about -5 and into boost the car would go extremely rich. Now the car is reading extremely rich all the time.
  12. Car wont start/way too rich

    The readings at the sensor and at the ECU connector are identical. The sensor read 4k at about 50 degrees which I believe is within spec. I did get the car to start and run just barely. If I give the car a vacuum leak it will idle easily but it hovers around 10.6 AFR. It is still not drivable due to rich misfire though. Any suggestions?
  13. Car wont start/way too rich

    Quick update. I tested the fuel pressure and it is holding about 33 at cranking so that is correct. I pulled the clips off the injectors and manually powered them and they all click open and closed so I don't think the injectors are seized open. I cranked the car over with the injectors disconnected and it will fire and run for about 5 seconds so I know for sure its not a spark issue. I also retested the AFM and it checks out fine. I'm at a total loss to why it is flooding. The car will not fire with the injectors connected.
  14. Car wont start/way too rich

    Hi I'm having a problem with my 82zxt where it wont start at all and I believe its because its too rich. Car was running extremely rich yesterday (~10AFR) and now today it won't start at all. I have checked the chts and replaced it with a new one. The sensor read about 2000 ohms at 60 degrees. I also completely replaced the wires to the computer as to eliminate the sensor reading too much resistance all together. The car has been having recent issues where it will run at stoich up till about -7 vacuum and then immediately plunge to under 10 afr's. The only idea I have at this point is the FPR could be faulty and causing excessive fuel pressure? Oh and I have gone through and cleaned all the grounds and electrical connectors I could find.