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  1. Generation 2k-z

  2. image

    From the album Generation 2k-z

  3. image

    From the album Generation 2k-z

  4. image

    From the album Generation 2k-z

  5. image

    From the album Generation 2k-z

  6. are those pictures actual for 240z? how are they installled? cut and weld?
  7. What's this hole for?

    old classy cars have these weird body panels, i like em!
  8. 240z door locks

    i have those Solex locks. fits great if you're into that.
  9. What size wheel/ offset are you Running with those brakes?
  10. Got a project...Probably shouldn't have.

    do they require smog in oregon?
  11. i purchased the Datsun as a vehicle to get me to and back from the beach. i enjoy the back roads on my motorcycle where i spend hours driving through turns. Might as well do it in something fun. i don't drive the vehicle to commute at all. maybe gets driven once every other week. i chose the drilled rotors because they were available and i never ran them any of my in my previous vehicle but moto's. I've seen them abused but i never really actually tested them out. i always want a feel of something before i say my word.
  12. willwoods installeds with all t3 components. on 15's they fit over the whole brake system but hit front caliper plate. so it is possible to run 15s on wilwoods but with a whole spacer deal. will try to have a set with the correct spacer soon heres some photos also on the wheel studs i have chosen with an updated DORMAN stud book with closest measurements to 240z studs of what i can find. the last book was dated up to 2000. so yea... dorman 610-323 is what i went with the 1.5 thread. massive welds. went about 1/2 inch lower on the towers since I've seen most Z'splates on top it seemed like the shock nut would hit the hood. Bow chica wow wow
  13. Evos 9sec 2jz build

    so cool. i was just thinking about this...
  14. so have a contact back from supplier. i had the fat washer i was talking about on wrong place... silly goose. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/xibeacx/unnamed.jpg