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  1. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Gonna take me a couple days to go over the install and take more pictures, but.. This is just a test fit. Don't have all screws or the gaskets on the light housings, nothing is properly aimed, just wired it up as a test, and turned them on. Not bad! (walls are painted with semi-gloss white, so they're a bit more reflective) The wiring is pretty straight forward, just follow the instructions provided, they're perfect. High beams work without a hitch.
  2. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Regarding the fitment in the S30 housings, what I had done, was drilled out the rear of the housing with a larger hole than the one inch diameter hole suggested on the website PDF instructions for the 240z. (V1 style instructions, which are pretty much the same) I think the issue we're running into is the spring clip that holds the HID bulb into place sticks out just a hair too far in the rear of the housing. It was a very, very close fit. I did a dry test without the bulb first, will work on more tomorrow when I have some more time. I basically cut a slightly larger hole in the back to allow a little bit of wiggle room around/behind the spring. Sealing it off shouldn't be too big of an issue, I'll just see if I can find an appropriate grommet to fit the hole I made. There was only one tab on the top of the light that I may have to file a hair for it to sit flush with the housing, but that was in the instructions anyways. But, rough test fitment, it looks pretty good. I'll take some pictures when I make a bit more progress tomorrow
  3. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Thank you very much Ben, that was awesome, thanks for the call too. You caught me right in the middle of drilling out my housing, lol But, on a side note.. The halo is much more awesomerer in person. The camera likes to wash out the LEDs - and my gawd they're bright, love it!
  4. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Hey Ben. I received my kit this morning, and waited until after a nap before I opened the box. Unfortunately, we've got a problem! Kit on the left was supposed to be Black/No Halo. However, it came as Chrome. The outside of the box is labeled correctly. And everything else in the package is correct. Mind you, they look flipping amazing in person, it's just not what the look my friend was after. Let me know where we can go from here. I hope someone else didn't end up with the Black when they were expecting chrome? Uh oh.. PM Me
  5. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    ^ That and more pictures ;p
  6. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Ooo, must post pictures.
  7. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Awesome, got the shipping notification a little earlier today. Thanks Ben! I'll let you know when they arrive
  8. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    I guess it cannot be too far off now if it hit customs around that time posted above, and the process takes upwards of 30 days.. I may actually finish my Z before these come in
  9. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    30 days not incl. weekends is around August 20th, lol. I'm just hoping it clears sooner than they state it will.
  10. Dapper Lighting Version 2 Projector Headlights

    Bah, those rude people! Hopefully it doesn't take too long! Thanks for keeping us updated
  11. Post pics of your z's here!!

    Finally got her back on the ground after a lengthy front suspension refresh
  12. Knock, knock. Who's there? Engine.