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  1. exhaust pipe size and cat

    So i tried to get my Cat installed this weekend and the muffler shop refused to install the 2.50" inlet /outlet cat (magnaflow 36026). They told me by law they can not install the cat unless it matched the part number that magnaflow states to use for my car (magnaflow 36304). so now i have to get the 36304 and have them install reducer fittings from 2.50 to 2.00 on the cat for it to work on my exhaust system. F**king California Emission laws!!!!!!!
  2. exhaust pipe size and cat

    thank you soo much.
  3. exhaust pipe size and cat

    So my car is needs a new cat and I’m supposed to use a California legal cat. The cat that I’m supposed to use is the Magnaflow 36304 that has 2" dia inlet and outlets. But the problem is back in the day, I increased my pipes to 2.50" dia pipes. I want to use the Magnaflow 36026 cat , which has a 2.5" dia inlet and outlet. my question is, do I have to use the 36304 cat (that’s what’s suppose to be on my car) or can I use the 36026 cat with the larger inlet and outlet that will mate with my existing pipes?
  4. Any DJs in our Z comunity?

    I've been Mixing since 1985 im using the traktor kontrol S4 too.. heres my setup and heres my mixcrate mixcrate
  5. Tell Tale Exhaust residue??

    you might be burning oil in that cylinder.. most likely cause of this is a bad or warn valve seal allowing oil to come down the valve stem and into your combustion chamber...
  6. rota group buy rims

    heres a link on how to roll your fenders fender rolling
  7. z31 lsd installed!!

    did you have to modify the rear diff mount to get the finned cover to work?
  8. Almost Complete 280zx Turbo w/ Pictures!!

    nice work Van... i should come down sometime to check it out.. its been years since ive seen your car....
  9. $25,000 nothing to show for on my 280zx

    how much of that $25,000 did you give them? that sucks to hear notings been done to your cat but the body and theyve had the car since july...
  10. What wing is this?

    your ZX-R is hot!!! wish i bought one when i had the chance years ago...
  11. 280zx rear wing options

    my votes for the ZXR wing... maybe thats cuz thats what i have on my car....
  12. 2plus2 rear hatch

    they are not the same.. the 2+2 is shorter
  13. Pics: 2008 Datsun 240z concept car

    use the VR thats going into the GTR......
  14. I have a new baby!!!!

    lol yep thats Lens Old car all right... daymn i havent seen that thing in years... just think BayAreaZT... you almost bought that car at one point in time... i remember going to SF to see it... haha
  15. Paint the hood black or leave it red

    keep it all Red! but go a lil darker Red....